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Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Hey! everyone i’m Bright Kersh and in this post I’m going to share with you my top 10 rules for affiliate marketing success

You can make as much money as you want as an affiliate marketer, and if you can follow this step then you are on the road to success.

Ready to discover what these 10 rules are? Keep reading to the end!

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Most entrepreneur you see online today are all making their money from affiliate marketing and follow a proven step.

Let’s dive in…

1. Focused

A big challenge that most affiliate marketers face is that they focus on so many things when they begin online. They try to promote any products at one time which only ends up of them failing. Instead, you should be focusing on one thing and build a business around that one thing and if you start getting result then you can move to different things as well.

That is the fastest path towards success as an affiliate marketer. I’ll encourage you to start creating a valuable content around your affiliate marketing on the platform you use to grow your audience. why? Because building an audience who feel they Know, Like and Trust you will give you the chance to build your empire and create success fast.

2. Be passionate about your niche and products

A lot of people get into affiliate marketing as a means of making money. We’re all been there before. The problem with this approach is that it’s not sustainable.When you run affiliate marketing business for only make Money then you are going to quite fast when you hit roadblock and not getting result.But i inspire you to not only run this make money online business just for money rather have passion and keep pushing .

However, if you build an affiliate marketing business around your passion, and promote products that you truly believe in, you will be successful. It is possible to profit from your passion and find a niche that you really want to get behind. And your product have to add value to the one who is going to consume it.

3. Carefully research and select affiliate products

You can’t just promote any random product. Instead, make sure that your product is a of good value. Do research on the product and make sure that you’ve use the product and got value from it first. Also, make sure that you truly understand the affiliate program you’ve chosen.

I suggest that you reach out to the affiliate manager of the program you choose promote and ensure that their communication is strong. Not only that, make sure that they’ve got great customer support.

I also recommend researching what other affiliates are doing to promote the product you’ve chosen. Find pieces of content that they have created. Doing so will give you the ideas what kind of content to create and how to promote you business.

4. Make sure that you put your followers and subscribers first

A lot of people that get into affiliate marketing do it to only make money. Their secondary goal is to add value to people. If you adopt this mindset, you will get into trouble. I always make sure that I put other people’s needs above mine. And you do this just by creating valuable content to help people to also learn or how to grow their business and in doing so, you look like leader in front of them and they cloud literally join or buy anything you recommend.

Always make sure that you are promoting products that truly serve people. If you can make money from the product, great! However, it should be your secondary goal, not your first.

Don’t risk your trust with people by promoting fake product them, doing so you are hurting yourself and your business.

5. Always be learning and improving

The Internet is always changing and evolving. If you don’t adapt learning mindset on a daily bases, you’re going to get left behind. In order to be successful as an affiliate marketer, you always have to learn and improve your funnels, blog, content, ads… everything! The smartest way to learn is by learning from other people who are already successful and also watch YouTube videos to learn more of what you need to learn.

Find other successful affiliate marketers who are doing better than you are. Invest in their courses and training programs, follow exactly people that are already successful in what you want and do exactly what they are doing. Doing so will make you to be successful fast and speed up your process of making money online.

Don’t waste your time and money learning from your own experiences. Rather, learn from others’ failures. I don’t know anyone that has ever been successful on their own.

6. Commit fully to your affiliate marketing business

Affiliate marketing isn’t a job or a side hustle. Hence, if you take this as your normal 9 to 5 job you will fail. The way that you achieve success as an affiliate marketer is by going all in and making it your high priority. You’ve got to fully commit and treat affiliate marketing as a business, because it is!

You need to focus every day on your business and work your ass off till you get the result, there have to be a time that you need to wake up early and work on your business. And if you work 9 to 5 job then after you’re back from work you need to stay wake and work on your business if you want to be successful fast.

If you’re serious about making money from an online business and creating a life of freedom then, you’ve got to make sacrifice your time and work harder than everyone else. The more you put in, the more you get out of it. If you can do this, you will achieve financial freedom.

7. Be consistent 

You can’t work on your affiliate marketing business once in a while. That won’t get you results. Research shows that 90% of startups fail. A huge reason why this happens is because of a lack of consistency and laziness. If you want to have a successful affiliate marketing business, you have to make sure that you’re working on your business on a daily bases.

If you can do this, your business will grow fast and you can take your business to the next level within a couple of time.

i encourage you you develop the habit of working on your business on a day daily bases. Make sure you believe in yourself and have a mindset for success that it possible, this will help you when you had a bad day.

8. Be patient 

Building an online business is a process that you must be patient with. Affiliate marketing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. If you want to build a profitable and sustainable business that stands the test of time, it will require a lot of time, hard work, energy, and money.

A lot of people get into affiliate marketing with the wrong mindset. Most people started thinking that the are going to make money just by clicking a button. It doesn’t work like that my friends, they are people who jump from one thing to another and if they don’t get result they give up.

Have control over the process and enjoy the process knowing it will surely come and take massive action, commit to learning.

9. Always add value 

The relationships you create with people are the most valuable thing. When you create valuable content and have the mindset of serving people, creating valuable content for people to consume, you are building the Know Like and Trust factor. This is what allows you to turn a follower into a lifelong customer.

Don’t just send people to an affiliate link. Make sure that you’re collecting their email addresses so that you can start building relationships with them.

10. Make sure that you are compliant with affiliate terms and agreements and FTC

Every affiliate program has its own terms, rules, and regulations. Make sure that you follow them or else you will get into trouble. Make sure that you read and understand what you can and cannot do. Also, when it comes to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), make sure that you include a disclaimer in your content that clearly delineates that you are an affiliate for the product that you are promoting.

Wrapping up!

These are my top 10 rules for affiliate marketing success.

If you can live by and follow these rules, there is no limit to the amount of money that you can make. Which rule will you implement in your business today?

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To Your Success,

BRIGHT KERSH (Rtetired Influencer)

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