Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work | What You Need To Know

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does affiliate marketing still work?

Affiliate marketing is proven to be one of the best online businesses to earn passive income online but does it still work. 

Yes, affiliate marketing does really work, People do make good money from it. However you need to be committed, persistent, put in the effort, time, and produce content that people will find valuable.

Affiliate marketing is about promoting other people’s products and when a sale is made you earn a commission.

Unless you sell enough products to make more money, you will assume that affiliate marketing does not work. 

The reason most affiliates fail at this business model is that they approach affiliate marketing as if it’s a get-rich-quick scheme, expecting to sit back and watch the money roll into their account.

The reality is that it doesn’t work that way, you need to invest in yourself to learn a proven skillset, take massive action to succeed as a marketer.

Speaking of affiliate marketing, it’s based on content on specific topics being ranked on Google and this takes time to rank.

So it may take a year or more before you can start to get some decent traffic and sales.

But if you have the patience to stick at it for the long haul, you will see some success.

However, learning affiliate marketing does take a lot of time and there’s plenty of mistakes you’re likely to make along the way. 

So now, let’s look at some strategy to improve your results in affiliate marketing:

does affiliate marketing still work

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Strategies To Make Affiliate Marketing Work For You

You can absolutely become successful with affiliate marketing without buying expensive eBooks and scammy courses from the so-called “Gurus”…


Also, you don’t need to invest money into SEO, all you have to do is to just learn those strategies below and see which one works best for you in your business. 

Here Are The Strategies To Make Affiliate Marketing Really Work:

1. Exercise Caution when Picking Your Affiliate Niche

The biggest mistake you can make in affiliate marketing is picking an affiliate niche that does not suit preferences.

For example, you are passionate and interested in the “ Make Money Online Niche”. 

But rather, you decided to go for a “health and fitness niche” just because you see a lot of money being made in that niche.

Now that you go for that niche, it is more likely that you don’t have enough knowledge about it, you will be spending a lot of time studying this new niche.

However, there are tons of people who may be better than you in that niche, and the more time you consume studying, the higher your chance of losing and NOT making it in that niche. 

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2. Embrace Product Reviews

Producing honest, authentic, and valuable reviews about a product you promote can help you sell that product as an affiliate.

You can gather feedback from customers who purchase and use the product. And turn those feedback into an honest review on your blog or video on YouTube. 

Online, people are more skeptical when it comes to buying products, so be sure to write a genuine review of the product you promote.

And don’t just only talk about the good side alone, try to talk about the bad side as well, so people can trust you which may lead to them deciding to buy.

Also, featuring a link to the product in your review can make it easy for converting those customers into buyers. 

does affiliate marketing still work

3. Offer Freebies

By offering bonuses, you are more likely to get a lot of new potential customers to your affiliate product.

The freebie, should be something that is relevant to your niche.

And it has to be valuable that solves a problem because it wins the attention of a customer.

It also moves people to follow-up and makes a decision to purchase your offer.

When you offer these freebies in every affiliate product you promote on your blog, people will always want to visit your blog and purchase something just because of the free gift they will get.

You can use these freebies on platforms like social media, forums to attract target audiences to your affiliate offer. 

The best strategy you can leverage to be successful with this method is to join Facebook groups, Pinterest boards, or forums like Quora, reddit…etc.

That is related to your niches and provide valuable content that people will find useful.

does affiliate marketing really work

4. Focus on Email Marketing

Building an email list of target audiences and following-up with them through an autoresponder is another great strategy.

That can increase your chance of earning more money in your affiliate marketing business.

This is termed as email marketing… Email marketing is simply sending email messages to a target audience to convert them into a buyer.

You can start this strategy by collecting email addresses from visitors who visit your website.

And this can be done by offering them free gifts (freebies) In exchange for their email address.

But there are a couple of software that you will be needing to run this successfully (eg, Aweber, LeadPage, Getresponse…. etc ).

But the one I’ll recommend you go for is Getresponse, why?… 

Because GetResponse is one of the world’s greatest email marketing software to send email autoresponders to your list.

At the time of writing this, I still use Getresponse and my experience with them was amazing.

does affiliate marketing still work

It has amazing features that you can expect from email marketing such as webinars, campaigns, online surveys, effective follow-up autoresponder… etc.  

You can get started with Getresponds Here for free (30 free trials)

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Here is the Link to Getresponse again. 

And Once you have built a solid email list, you can use it to connect with your fans, create automated emails, newsletters, and market products to your list again and again.

does affiliate marketing still work

5. Target The Right Keywords

You must focus on using the right kind of keyword to market your affiliate product.

 And you need to figure out what phrase, terms, and information people are typing into the search engines (Google)…

In order to attract the right kind of audience who may be interested and more likely to purchase your product. 

There are paid and free keyword tools you can use to find key phrases people are typing into search engines, that are relevant to your niche and easy to rank.

You can use free keyword tools like (, to find key phrases people are looking for and still get traffic to your site, only if you do it well.

But if you want to avoid all those mistakes that come with search analysis, then you can go for paid keyword tools only if you can afford it.

You can choose from paid keyword tools such as:

SEMrushThis keyword research tool is an amazing tool with a 7-day free trial. It will help your sites in terms of SEO, content quality, PPC, competitive research. 

It has also had amazing features such as:

  • website analysis (both yours and your competition)
  • site audits (make sure your website is optimized for search… etc) 

LongTailPro: This an amazing keyword tool that provides a lot of information on various keywords, including:

  • Get hundreds of keyword suggestion
  • Your competitor’s analysis base on 13 matrics
  • search volume for keywords
  • how difficult it will be to rank
  • other keyword suggestions you could create content around

You can generate more organic traffic to your website if you optimize keyword phrases naturally into your post.

does affiliate marketing still work

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6. Create Quality Content

This is where you serve your target audience, it is often said that content is king, but that is halfway true, quality content is indeed king.

You don’t get to run a successful affiliate marketing without first helping others, business is all about solving problems.

And if your business doesn’t solve a problem, guess what, you don’t have a business.

Speaking of affiliate marketing, you can’t sell your product, without first doing the work, and online that work is content creation.

So, make sure you focus on producing valuable and high-quality content for your target audience to consume.  

But it has to be congruent with your affiliate niche.

Providing quality content is what is going to make them click on your affiliate link and sign up for the offer you are promoting.

Providing valuable, genuine, high-quality, and useful content will attract readers to your site because without this your business will not fail.

If you can follow those steps above exactly then, success is bound to happen for you in your business.

Now, having a successful affiliate marketing business is not enough and along the way, there are some things that you need to really work on in order to improve your business…

Ways To Improve Your Affiliate Marketing Business

When it comes to improving and scaling your business, there are some factors that need to be put in place correctly, to avoid dealy and failure of you growth.

Here is what to look out for:

1. Failing to Track the Performance of Your Site (BLOG)

You must constantly check the performance of your website to identify some major areas that need improvement or change.

 If there are problems or issues that your site encounters, which may limit the progress of your business.

You must quickly correct them or make a change with the right strategy.


2. Promoting Poor Quality Products

The biggest mistakes you can possibly make in your affiliate marketing business. 

Is promoting poor affiliate products that do not have a high demand in the marketplace.

If you are promoting a product based on commission and not quality, then you miss the point. 

Because your audiences, are not going to TRUST you if they do find out after purchasing. 

So please, I recommend you not to promote such a product to your audience for the sake of money. Doing so will only hurt you and your business as well.

Make sure you do thorough research about the product on Google or further purchase the product yourself to have much understanding and knowledge about it before going about promoting it.

3. Failing to Focus on Support

Now, as you have found the right PRODUCT of your choice, you need to make sure it has a support team in case of troubleshooting.

Also, check out to see if they do respond to an email, by sending out emails to the support team to find out if they will respond back to you.

And if they responded back to you in a day or two, then you are good to go ahead and promote that product.

4. Failure to Learn

The path of succeeding with affiliate marketing is to commit to learning and learning the right strategies.

Learning from other affiliates who are already successful with what you are doing, can help you acquire a lot of skillsets as you journey your way to affiliate marketing. 

Try to subscribe to the youtube channel and email list of some of the top affiliates in your industry and copy some of the strategies they are leveraging. 

And see, which one will best work for you when it comes to marketing your affiliate product.

The main reason why most affiliate marketers fail with this business model is that they don’t commit to learning the process, don’t take massive action on their business, and lack patience.

We all know that running a successful business takes time and so do affiliate marketing as well.

does affiliate marketing still work

Is affiliate marketing a profitable business? Yes, affiliate marketing will still be profitable for many years. As long as products and services are being introduced online and people are willing to buy, however, it is going to be difficult as more people are becoming affiliate marketers. The main key to succeeding is going to be in niche selection.

Can you make a living off affiliate marketing? Yes, affiliate marketing can make you a decent income online. People are making a full-time income and even turning affiliate marketing into a large business, however, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it takes time, effort and you need to be passionate about it.

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The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to create your own product, deal with customer service, and chargeback.

However, the only way you are going to succeed with this business model is hard work, put in the effort,  be consistent, and committed to learning everything about affiliate marketing.

A lot of people fail with their business just because they are not willing to learn and take massive action.

They think they are just going to throw their affiliate link on social media and watch the money roll in.

Unfortunately, that strategy does not work anymore.

You need to learn and as you learn you do the work as well and if you can do just that for the long run.

Guess what, success is bound to happen for you…

Though along the way you may encounter difficulties, but don’t let that stop you, just press on! Press on!! Press on and you will get there.

If you have reached the end of this post BRAVO! Let us know what you think in the comment below and if you have any questions or anything.

Please, don’t hesitate to let us know… “We are here to help you”

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