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Starting an online business is one of the most profitable ways to financial freedom.

Do you want to learn how to build a stable successful internet business and make money from it? then keep reading to the end

Let me help you start and grow a profitable digital business online that gives you the freedom to do more of what you love. If you could follow these steps below 🙂

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How to build and grow a successful business online – Attraction Marketing

There is a proven sequence of steps you can follow to guarantee your success when you’re starting a small business online. I’ve seen thousands of people start and grow successful businesses by doing the following:

Attraction marketing the definitive guide,

Welcome to the attraction marketing this post is designed to help you not only but to discover what the top earners are actually doing online to grow widely successful home business and also help you to apply this in your own business for more leads, sales, prospect and sign up in your business for the next 48 hours or less.

Before we dive in my name is Bright Kersh the founder of this blog called Retired that has helped many MLM home business owners break free from all four corners of the globe.

Include some of the successful marketers you see online today. I want to start by letting you know that, this attraction marketing model is to help you create financial freedom with your business not what you’ve been taught by your network marketing companies.

The content you are about to consume is controversial and already disrupted the profession and upset the old-school network marketers but you deserve to hear the truth.

This truth allows me and my partners to become top earner in our network company back in 2018 and if you want to build your network marketing business leveraging the power of the internet and quit your 9 to 5 jobs and work full-time from the comfort of your own home then this top earners training is the only option to create that life of freedom.

I want to be clear here, I absolutely love the network marketing profession and it has changed my life when I first started online, my intention with this training is not to throw rocks on MLM companies owners specifically, but we are sick and tired of people struggling to make money in network marketing.

This is my attempt to flip the failure rate and struggling on MLM on its head and make sure the professional help you create your dream business online and live the life of freedom you want.


Here is the fact,

MLM companies want you to find anything with the pulse and get it to watch your presentation and in fact, I’ve read some horror stories of marketing they’ve taught some of the top earners when they first started by their network marketing companies.

 For example, when most top earners started in their network marketing companies they were told to go approach their friends and families which they did and nobody signs up.

This is the shocking part,

The shocking part is when they went for the next level of marketing, they were simply told to go revisit and keep revisit their friends and family again and again until they join, this is not marketing, this type of marketing will result you in absolute failure.

And this is why you or most people are not making money online and why you are not most likely at the level you want to be.

But my friend it’s not your fault, with marketing and business built advice like this, it is no wonder why most business owners stay broke. Today your business starting plan will change forever.

But before then let’s pull the curtain down and reveal what the top earners are doing online to build huge and residual amounts of money from the comfort of their home…


  • Top earners are branding themselves upfront, not their network company nor product
  • Top earners are not spamming their opportunity or product link on facebook and sharing your is un mature and will get you unfriendly very fast
  • Top earners create value and serve their targeted market with quality content that solves their prospect problems
  • Top earners have multiple streams of income that include affiliate marketing programs and product, their own product, courses, book, audios, event, and system, etc, which is smart because many companies change their core-plan or go out of business and if it happens that way their family is still protected
  • Top earners attract customers and buyers who are already interested in their product, service, and opportunity
  • Top earners build their audience daily with free social media strategies and paid advertising
  • Top earners get a free prospect to talk to every single day, they use a funnel to capture their name and email of interested prospect who get an eyeball on their opportunity presentation

And here is the cold hot fact about network marketing

if you are a sole distributor of MLM company, that does not make you an entrepreneur, you are a rep, in another way differently, you are a sales representative of that company.

It actually the name and position you take when you join your MLM company and sign your distributor contract. If you don’t believe me feel free and go and read your agreement you sign when you join your MLM company.

This training is design to help you start a successful business online so that you progress from failure and struggling sell rep of an MLM to an entrepreneur who builds a long term stable, heavy cash flow business around adding value, serving and if you do that leader which is what all top earners do, you will win your freedom.

So without been said I’m very excited to reveal the top earners secrete and the truth which your MLM company doesn’t want you to know, the good news is I’m not on their side I’m on your side my friend, so get ready for an amazing training and breakthrough method together my friend! I’m committed to your success.

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you don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great


Attraction marketing:

if you are building an online business you may come across the term attraction marketing. These guides explain what attraction marketing is, why is very important to your success online and how you can implement this simple strategy and formula into your business and attract more customers, buyers and client fast.

Attraction marketing is the most effective way to market any product, business opportunity or service, I’ll begin this guide by giving you an overview of Legendary marketer, 6 pillars and 3 faces of growth and this will make sense shortly.

I’m going to give you 7 step attraction marketing to put into practice. This guide also comes with a free affiliate marketing ebook and free training video you can access visiting the link below it comes with 15 days business builder challenge and bonus with a step-by-step guide to get you on the way!….

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Let’s get started…

Part one:

The attraction marketing formula, 99% of home business owners stay broke because they don’t know this 3 attraction formula…

Welcome to the attraction marketing formula to get more leads, prospects, customers, client, sales and sign up in any business in any industry ‘Yes’ even yours and you’ll see prove here.

Every successful business and brand you see online today use this proven 3 step attraction marketing formula ‘Period’ and if you are struggling to grow a successful business online, it probably you are missing one of these steps or more of these steps.

This attraction marketing is the main skillset of Legendary Marketer of starting and growing any home business.

This formula is what 6, 7 and even 8-figures earners success story have been created over and over again.

These guides reveal what the top earners are doing to build their empire. Today I want to layout and reveal the secret what the top earners are doing for years and now you’ll have access to this same marketing formula to grow your business today.

Why do people suffer to grow a successful 6-figure+ home business?

It simply information overload,

It easy to get overwhelmed if you are not getting the result you want and it because an amount of overwhelming information is been throw to us everyday single day about how we should be building our business and that confuses you anytime you see at your computer thinking.

Where do you start, what to do next, start a blog, Facebook live, Facebook ads, Email, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube,

So many options but they are all good platforms to start building a business with and they’ve been proven to work for many people, but this thing all have their marketing strategies, Leads and fortune have been made with this marketing strategy.

But it like drinking water through a fire hole it too much all at once. Especially when you are just getting started online. when you stop and take a deep breath and look at what every successful business and what they are actually doing the confusion disappears.

So that’s what I’m going to do now as I walk you through the official attraction marketing formula, to help you get clear on what to do to get results fast in your business…

Let’s dive in together

The 3 three action to focus on every day for success when building business online

Build, engage and sale

Just 3 actions that’s all you need to think about when you want to build a successful business online and everything starts to fall at a place and in fact, every single successful business focuses on these 3 activities. If you are better now let’s go over this individual actions

Action number one-Build your audience…

Your audience is the key to everything in your business to move forward, inside the audience you are building is where you’ll find your soon to leads, prospect, sales and sign up and they are just waiting for you, you must constantly be building your audience every single day.

so what is an audience look like?

Here is some of the examples,

Facebook fan page likes and followers, Youtube subscribers, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, Facebook messenger subscribers, and your email list subscribers, Now “Important Note” here, I recommend picking one audience above to build and in addition to your email list of subscribers and focus ‘only’ on building that one audience.

Don’t try to build more than one audience at first because you will overwhelm yourself and get yourself confuse and it will result, you may not get results fast or only get few results.

So focus yourself and action on building one solid audience and get best at it every single day until you are you up to 10+ leads per day from that platform and you feel you’ve mastered that particular platform strategy.

Now your email list is very important because building an email list is the lifeblood of your business so you should take it serious of building it and you should choose one audience and build your list around it and move forward.

If your audience isn’t growing your business isn’t growing as well “period”, and Legendary Marketer has all the skillset you need to do build an online business in a successful way.

Action number two – Engage with your audience

When you engage with your audience you begin to build a relationship and when you begin to build a relationship with your tribe or targeted audience, you will start to build what we call Know, Like and Trust factor and it critical if you want to people to want to do business with you.

You engage by creating valuable content that serves your targeted audience, which makes your audience want to do business with you and your content.

You engage by interacting with all the people who engage with any or all of your content, you engage by following, interacting with and connecting with people in your targeted audience and engage, and engaging with their content on the platform you want to build.

While that’s a lot of engaging right!

So what’s this really mean?

It depends on the type of audience you are building. If you are building your audience on Facebook then you have to post valuable content such as text posts, Quote images, Facebook lives, etc..

And you have to create valuable content that’s share-worthy, comment-worthy and it creates engagement because it’s valuable to the one consuming your content and you must also do the things you want your audience to do.

are you engaging with people on Facebook, are you sharing, commenting and liking stuff from the leaders in your industry?

Those are a few questions you have to answer yourself and if not then they are activities you need to start taking if you think nobody is engaging with your content on Facebook.

Another quick thought, are you asking people to comment, share and like on your content that you want a comment, like and share on? If not give them a simple call to action and you will be surprised what happens.

If you are on Youtube and you obviously create video then you should engage with Youtube influencers in your niches…

using Instagram?

Create a content that engages your Instagram followers, post content that your audience would want to like and share, find your Instagram influencers and leaders in your industry and engage with them and their followers, comments.

Promote your content and engage with people that interact with your content, find relevant content and leaders in your industries that others are engaging with and engage with your targeted audience.

You build a relationship and serve your audience only by creating quality content, do this and you will get the engagement you are seeking, a quote from one of the top earners “All things being equal, people do business with and refer business to people they Know Like and trust”

Action number three- Sell to your audience

This is the fun part, this is where you start making some money and building your empire, you’ve built an audience, you’ve created engagement, you’ve build relationship, the Know Like and Trust factor.

Now it time to ask for a sell and unfortunately, too many people start this activity. They don’t build the foundation of the framework with the activity of 1 and 2 and they start asking for the sell right away.

This is what we refer to as pitching instead of leading with value, doing this is what gets good people label as spammers so Build and Engage and Sell, this is what makes up the content effective of attraction marketing formula.

These 3 daily activities are what every successful online business embraces. The great thing is you could refer to this activities anytime you need to get back on track.

If you feel lost or don’t know what to daily, simply refer back to this 3 step formula, Build and Engage and Sell if things not going well you are likely missing one of this step.

Let’s break this down, even more, to guarantee your business is being built on solid rock foundation…

The six pillars – the foundation of your online marketing business

Every successful online business has these 6 pillars in place that help it stay a success. These are pillars of online success that you can start using today to move your business forward. these 6 pillars are the cornerstone of attraction marketing formula

Pillar number one

vision and personal development strategy: 

This the key to everything else to work, this where you dig deep and truly figure out what you want your business to look like, what is the business you want to build?

You must get this so clear in your mind that you can taste it, so that this vision seek into your bones and light every cell in your body on fire, it important that you have such a clear vision that you can create the feeling of being there now.

Next, you must be honest to yourself what’s holding you back, we all have those things, it happens when we all begin, it mostly “fear”, fear of putting yourself out there in videos, webinar.

For example, fear of failure and even fear of success, your limit believe about who you truly are will kill your chances of success before you ever step foot on your journey.

what’s the limit story you are running into your head day in and day out, you must rewrite the story that serves your forward emotion. If you are struggling to get where you want to be and you find yourself procrastinating constantly you need to work on our vision.

You need to craft your vision as soon as possible of who you want to be, a vision of your ideal self who is no longer restricted by a limited belief of fear and it is nothing to do with resources, time, Skillset and Money, etc

And it has everything to do with you becoming a person who emotion make you resourceful, passion, commitment and as you become the person of your best self you’ll find yourself taking action.

Because now you’ve got the ideal you will do when you got this part right everything else begins to fall on places, door start to open, obstacles melt away like ice on a sunny day.

Pillar two – Personal branding strategy

Why should someone do business with you? It vital you get clear on that, you must understand that not everyone is a prospect for your business or product and if you are marketing to everybody you are marketing to nobody.

Think about your personal brand ‘Who are you, what do you stand for, who do you serve, what are the biggest problem and challenge you solve, if you are selling what your audience wants and you have it and you know how to market it then you are in business.

You must know and understand what your audience wants and simply give it to them, a quote from Gary Vaynerchuk “it important to build a personal brand because it the only thing you are going to have, you can hide anything and more importantly you’ve got to be out there in some level”

Pillar three – monetization strategy

We all start a business to make more money right, but you’ll be surprised that many people don’t have a monetization strategy in place, how much money do you want to earn? Most people have that magic number of $10k/mo in the beginning,

what is your plan to get there?

how many signs up, how many sales, customers and clients do you need to hit that point?

you must know exactly what that number is, so you can create a strategy to go after it or you will likely fall short, the great part is when creating your brand online as we talk about in ‘pillar 2’, then it opens up various avenues of multiple streams of income.

the leaders that you look up to now are building passive income from many different streams, they refer valuable affiliate program and services that pay them high commission like Legendary Marketer, they offer coaching service, they create their own product, etc. They run a real business.

They are not just a sales rep for a particular organization, they have built a brand by creating value and solving problems, once you build your personal brand you can earn money even if 95% say no to your primary opportunity, or product or service.

The bigger your brand, the more value you have to offer, the more money you can make.

Pillar four – Content creation and content marketing strategy

This is where you serve your audience, they said content creation is king and that’s halfway true but quality content is king, the truth is, you don’t get to become the $10k/mo business owner without first doing the work that gets you there, online that work is content creation.

Creating quality content is the part that puts you in the leadership and authority role in the eye of your prospect which makes them want to follow you and buy your stuff, your content is the core of attraction marketing because it exactly what attracts the right prospect to you.

Again the type of content that you create depends on where you are building your audience, bloggingyoutubetwitterInstagramFacebook livefree report, etc.

Like we discuss early, you don’t have to create all types of content on all different platforms, it not recommended, but you must pick one. You must pick at least one platform marketing strategy and do it consistently until you get the result

Pillar five – Follow up and engagement strategy

Once you start pulling people in with your content you will begin to get leads and these are your most targeted prospects who are giving you the permission to stay in contact with them.

 The follow-up process is usually done through email autoresponders, phones, texting more recently it can also be done through the power of Facebook messengers and many chats.

So now let’s come down with you, following up with your prospect by consistently creating more valuable content for your people than anyone else in the market place.

Things move very fast online there’s always some new shining object trying to get you prospect attention and if you are not following up with them, connecting with them and engaging with your leads to see how you can serve them, somebody else will and they are making the money

Pillar six – Traffic strategy

Now you’ve got to get people to your content, your website, your capture page and offer this mean you must build traffic strategy.

There is a different type of traffic but the main form is free and paid traffic, Paid traffic is more immediately and the sooner you can get the better, but it perfectly fine to start with free traffic such as social media, blogging, youtube, etc.. the important thing is to get eyeballs on your content.

The 3 growth faces of attraction marketing formula

 So you’ve established the content of all successful online businesses,

 BuildEngage and SELL.

If you focus on doing these 3 activities every single day then you are on the right track to success.

 Let simplified this even more so you can start getting the result right now. The framework and foundation of every successful online business start with these 3 activities, the 3 faces of growth.

the 3 faces of growth that all entrepreneur progress through on their entrepreneurial journey

Growth face number one

Social media networking and prospecting:

This is simple, just taking what you know about prospecting and networking and bring it online to social media, this is where you focus on initially to grow your audience and network.

Instead of networking one on one offline, this is where leveraging the power of social media and network with 10, 20, 30 even 100 people all at once even while you are at home with your PJ.

And if you are not using social media now you are leaving money on the table plain and simple, however, 99% of network marketing companies even yours if you are in one are taking advantage of social media now

Growth face number two

personal branding and content marketing:

this is where you get clear on yourself how you are going to position yourself online.

How do you want your ideal client to see you online?

Are you going to do facebook live, blogging, webinars and video and what actually are you going to do that can attract quality prospects to you?

you can simply attract quality prospects to you who are already willing to buy anything that you offer or recommend by only creating valuable content that addresses your prospect’s biggest problem and solves them.

Growth face number three

Paid advertising to scale your business:

Most leaders you see online that have advanced in their marketing and build incredible brands and large audiences in their business are all taking the advantage of paid advertising.

But if you don’t have a budget for getting into paid advertising, what you really need to do as a beginner is to start creating content on a daily basis to grow your business to some level before investing in a paid advertisement to scale it. But as a matter of fact, you don’t really need to start paying for an ad in other to grow a successful business.


You’ve learned something today on how to build a successful business on the internet.

If you follow those step layout above exactly then you are on the way to success.

But before anything, you need to have a mindset for success, what do I mean?

I mean you need to believe in yourself that it possible for you to create the business of your dream and take action toward it on a daily basis.

Let me know what you think in the comment!

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