How Much Does It Cost To Star Affiliate Marketing

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How much does it really cost to start affiliate marketing? The cost of running an affiliate program? What is the cost of starting an affiliate program?

These are the questions a lot of people get to ask all the time, so I decided to do some research to help you with what it really takes and how much does it cost to start affiliate marketing and what it takes to make money with this business model.

To start affiliate marketing it doesn’t cost any amount to get started and it is one of the main reasons why affiliate marketing is the best and most lucrative way of making money online for most people.

It doesn’t cost a penny to get started with affiliate marketing and it is the best thing about it and why most people love this business model.

Almost all affiliate programs are free to join, though there are few of them that will want to get more information about you and how you are going to promote their product and stuff, but 90% of them are totally free to join.

Now as you have joined the affiliate product of your choice, it time to choose a platform to create content for promoting your affiliate product. There are so many free platforms that you can create content to promote your product if you don’t want to spend money promoting your product.

how much does it take to make money online with affiliate marekting
make passive income

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As many affiliate products are free to join, there are also free platforms to join for free to promote your product. You can join a free platform like:

1. YouTube Channels – YouTube is an amazing platform to promote your affiliate product for free without investing money.

With YouTube, you don’t need to have a website to promote your product and if you can create one and start producing quality content on your channels, you could probably get hundreds and thousands of subscribers that you can share your affiliate link to for free.

2. Join Forums and Participate in Discussions –  Joining forums and participating in discussion can help you meet buyers that are interested in the product you promote.

What you need to do to get buyers from forums is to be active and answering every question that is being dropped in the platform, doing this people will start to know you and will probably ask you what you offer and there you could promote your product to them instead.

3. Facebook – You can create a Facebook business page and promote your affiliate product to your followers.

The idea is to create valuable and catchy content to get more followers on your page and also try to get your audience into a discussion to build a relationship with them.

There are many ways to promote your affiliate product without investing money. All these ways of promoting your product for free are amazing. There are A LOT of people making millions of dollars just promoting affiliate products through one of those free platforms.

But the most unfortunate thing about using these free platforms is that you don’t own that platform and you can get kick-out anytime like what Facebook did when I first got started with affiliate marketing.

I was using their platform to promote my offers and when it reached sometime they got me kicked out.

If you put your whole faith on this free platform alone for the promotion of your affiliate product, in the long run, they will disappoint you.

You can get kick-out from this platform anytime or if they change their algorithm it could affect you and hurt your business so badly.

This is why it’s advisable and important that, when getting started with affiliate marketing you should involve a little bit of money to get everything set up the right way.

And also if you want to do affiliate marketing the right way, there is a small investment you need to do which I highly recommend.


If your main purpose is to make money online with affiliate marketing, then you need to build an infrastructure that will probably help you to build influence and as well make more money.

And I mean you need to build a website for your affiliate marketing business. SIMPLE…

cost of running affiliate marketing

Building a website for your affiliate marketing business helps you not to make money online but also helps you to build trust and authority with your potential customers.

Because the only way people feel like buying from you is when you build the Know, Like and Trust with them, and they can comfortably trust you with their money.

So again it’s very important to build a website for your affiliate marketing business, if it something you do want to run as a business and probably make a full-time income from then build a website. 

So now let’s dive into why you are here “The cost of start affiliate marketing?

how much does it cost to start affiliate marekting
how can i make money with affiliate marketing

 If you are new to affiliate marketing this is going to be a helpful guide for you, because we are going to look at how much it will really take you to start affiliate marketing

And we’ll also look at some steps to consider when starting affiliate marketing and how you can become successful as an affiliate marketer.

We will also look at some of the right tools you can leverage to grow your affiliate income and start seeing results in your business.

And if you are already into affiliate marketing, great, I’m going to share something with you that you have never come across before. 


But wait, what is affiliate marketing then?

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products or services and if through your promotion and a customer purchase the product or service you get paid a commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and largest ways of making money online for most entrepreneurs nowadays because of its scalability and there are tons of people making a full-time income just with this business model.

If your main goal is to make money online with affiliate marketing but thinking how much does it really cost to start? What does it take to get started? Then you should consider reading this post to the end…

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With that being said let’s dive in….

Affiliate marketing is the best  way to make money online.

Do you want to start affiliate marketing and start making some income for yourself and your family?

The best time to turn your affiliate marketing into a full-time career and quit your 9 to 5 job is now and the only way you are going to make that happen is to do it the right way which we are going to look at.

Most people’s biggest challenge of starting affiliate marketing business the right way is the cost of things such as domain, hosting, website and even content but the actual fact is that startups with those stuff are actually cheap to start.

Here is what it takes to actually get started with affiliate marketing and start making money:

1. Take Time To Plan

When you plan on starting your affiliate marketing business, you need to take into consideration how you spend money on certain things. Don’t just waste your money on expensive or attractive things that won’t help your business to grow or move forward.

So planning and having an idea on what to do is the number one key which will decide whether you’ll succeed or not with affiliate marketing business.

2. Choose A Domain Name

With affiliate marketing the only way you can scale your business and make more money and become successful is by building a brand.

A brand is a name you stand for and it is also what people will use to recognize you in a specific industry. A domain name is going help in a way such as:

  • Help You To Establish Who You Are In Your Niche
  • Who Do You Serve
  • What Do You Stand For

Choosing a domain name is what is going to make your affiliate marketing business stand out and also help people know who you are in the industry and what kind of problem you solve.

A domain is like owning your own company name which people know you by. 

There are tons of companies that will allow you to choose and own a domain name but the one which I recommend and it is used by most successful entrepreneurs is Hostgator a domain name will cost you around $9.99 per year and free SSL certificate and easy WordPress installs. 

2. Web Hosting 

Web hosting gives you the chance to create and make your affiliate marketing business website accessible via the internet to anyone. The web host that I used myself and highly recommend is Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers out there because of Its strong security support, fast load time, user-friendly, and money-back-guarantee. You can start as low as $2.75 per month.

cost of affiliate marketing

The most popular platform most successful entrepreneurs use to create their website is WordPress, it’s a free platform that powers 36% of websites across the globe. Every big company you can think of use WordPress. 

Now starting an affiliate marketing business can cost you $100 or more depending on the domain and hosting you decided to choose but if you go with the one I provided above, it will cost you less than $100 to get started with your own affiliate marketing business the right way. 

Now I’m pretty sure you have got everything set up, that’s it, you are good to go now. The next thing you need now is to just start to create content and add your affiliate link to your post and start making some money.

But wait, there are more into that, so let’s look at how to run a successful affiliate marketing business.

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How To Run A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

Running a successful affiliate marketing takes a few actions to get started. So if you are really serious about turning affiliate marketing into a real business then you should take what I will share with you here seriously.

Turning affiliate marketing into a business can give you financial freedom if done well. So here is what you should focus on to turn affiliate marketing into real business and become successful.


 1. Build A Personal Brand

Remember: People do business with people they know, like and trust. The only way you make money online as an affiliate by promoting other people’s or company’s products, is by first building a brand around you, not the company or product you promote.

So how do you build a personal brand?

You build a personal brand by first identifying your potential customer’s biggest needs or problem and then help them solve that needs or problem they are facing, for free without asking them anything in return. 

So you do this by providing valuable content that helps them solve that problem or giving them free training, free ebook, but it should be something that is valuable.

The reality is that if you could do this for the long term, people will begin to like, trust you, and feel more connected to you.

Now as they get to connect with you, now they will start to trust you and even see you as a go-to-person if they need help in anything.

And now you are establishing trust with them and as you establish that trust they are more likely to buy any product that you recommend t them or some of them will just want to buy from you because of the help that you provide for them. 

 2. Choose Evergreen Niche And Focus On ‘Evergreen’ Product

An evergreen niche or product is the one that people are always interested in and will be buying forever. Example: Health Wealth and Relationship.

Health: People all around the world and forever will want to be healthier, want to lose weight and what to do to stay fit and if you could find a very quality product that can help people better their lives in this field, you can build a business around it and make a decent income from it.

Wealth: Internet marketing, making money online, is one of the best and popular evergreen niches in the world.

People will always want to find ways to make more money, how to invest, how to do business online, etc.

And more and more people are coming into this niche, so if you have the knowledge to teach people how to do any of these, guess what, you can make a killing in this niche if only you are willing to put in the work. 

Relationship:  We all are human beings and at one point at a time, we all have feelings for one another, being in a marriage, for family or friends and we are looking for ways to better our relationship in those areas.

And if you have the knowledge in this field and can teach people how to have a quality of that, they will be willing to pay you to teach them. 

These are the 3 best niches you can focus on as an affiliate and really do well in terms of income. These 3 niches are here to stay with us forever.


When you choose a niche where people are purchasing products every day, you can be in it for the long run and that’s why i recommend focusing on evergreen niches…

 3. Focus on recurring products

Choosing to promote recurring products can help you boost your income as an affiliate, promoting this product allows you to earn residual income every month for just putting in the work once.

You can promote membership courses, product or web services, email services and earn more income from a single customer for many years to come.

If you build more customers that buy from you, you will start to earn a decent recurring income that can eventually change your life.

Remember: People are willing to pay for tools, courses that will help them grow their business, such as email autoresponder, why not help them grow their business, which will also benefit you if they decide to purchase.

Though as an affiliate not all products you will promote will be recurring but to be successful with affiliate marketing you need to mix all of them to be able to see some boost in your income.

There is nothing like having a recurring income jumping into your bank account every month.

running affiliate marketing cost

5. Harness The Power Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of making money online now because not everyone will buy from you instantly after seeing your product.

So you have to focus on building your email list and follow up with them through an autoresponder…Remember: Your money is in the list. 

Getresponse is one of the top best email opt-in services and email marketing/broadcasting and autoresponder tools on the market now.

It is one in two, with a capture page for you to build your list, with an amazing autoresponder to sell your products and also has a beautiful landing page for your business. 

Getresponds is what I use myself to build my email list and newsletter. With this tool, you can build an autoresponder series so that when people opt-in to your page, they are automatically added to a series of emails that will do all the selling for you.

5. Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important for your affiliate business to succeed and also traffic. To be able to sell products you promote, you need eyeballs or a view of that product.

And doing effective keywords to know what people want and what they are in need of can really help you in terms of what type of content to create that will drive traffic to your affiliate product.

There are some free keyword research tools out there but they are paid one that worth your money because of their great features. 

Keyword tools such as SEMrush help your site in terms of content quality, which keyword to focus on, SEO, etc. They also have amazing features such as website analysis, site audit, check broken links on your site, and so on.

Another great keyword tool is LongTailPro, this tool gives hundreds of keyword suggestions you type in and also shows you what keyword your competitors are using to get rank on search engines.

AND also give you a search volume of the keyword you type in and show you how difficult it will be to rank.

7. Produce More And More Content

Now as you have done your search and know what people want, it time to to create more helpful content that people will love to consume.

Remember the more you help people with your content, the more likely that they are going to purchase what you offer.

Content is king but that’s a halfway true, quality content is indeed king. The name of the game of making money online with affiliate marketing is content creation and that should be your primary routine to put your whole effort on.

8. Outsource More Of Your Content

You don’t know everything about affiliate marketing, there are experts in the field of affiliate marketing and know more about the topic than you do and you may want to reach out to them to tap into some of their knowledge.

You can pay someone who has the skill and knowledge in the topic you are writing about and help you with some of the content.

Outsourcing some of your writing can also help you out of some of the mistakes and things you are missing out. You can check  to outsource some of your writing.

You can use Fiverr if you need help with logo and website design, SEO, you can search the platform, they have great offers you can think of. If you want to hire anyone make sure you check the feedback and review of the user before hiring the person. 

9. Create Logo For Your Business

As you have a website for your affiliate marketing business you need to have a logo on your site, having your own logo will make you an expert in the eye of your audience so it is a must you get one done. It will cost you somewhere between $5-10 by hiring a designer on Fiverr

10. Commit To Learning And Get Better

The only way you get better and improve on your skill as an affiliate marketer is to commit to learning, but not learning alone, as you learn you need to to take action as well.

Don’t get caught up in the learning process. You can invest in yourself and learn some skillset to implement in order to scale your business.

If you don’t have the budget to invest into courses, don’t worry there is tons of free information online.

You can spend some hours on YouTube to learn some of these skills or Furthermore you can join our Affiliate Marketing Course for free to learn step by step how to build a successful business online and make a full-time income from it.


11. Only Promote Good Affiliate Product/program

Not all affiliate products are good ones so when choosing a product to promote to your audience, make sure it is of good quality and will add value to your customer lives.

Promoting a product that has no value to your customer will only hurt you and your business as well. Because doing so, they will not purchase anything from you again and you will also lose the trust you built with them.

Again not all affiliate programs are legit and payout commission as they promise, some of the affiliate programs will run away with your commission and later on block your account, so please make sure you research the affiliate program well before joining.

But there are some really good affiliate programs out there that you can choose from. Some of these popular affiliate networks:

  • ClickBank
  • ShareAsale
  • Cj Affiliate
  • JvZOO
  • Rakuten… etc.

These affiliate networks have really good products that you can put your trust on and they really paid out a good commission to their affiliate.

How can i make money with affiliate marketing

There are many ways you can do  affiliate marketing some of these are:

4 Main affiliate model

1. Pay per Sale or Cost per Sale (PPS or CPS) – You get a commission  for every sale you generate. 

2. Pay per Lead or Cost per Lead (PPL or CPL) – You get paid a commission for every user you send to the vendor’s website and they register, even when the user does not become a paying customer. 

3. Pay per Click or Cost per Click (PPC or CPC) – You get rewarded or paid for sending traffic to the vendor’s website. This mode pays a very low amount.

4. Pay per Call (PPCall) – You get paid for every inbound call you generate. With this, you will be given different phone numbers.

Affiliate marketing is a great business model that is scalable and can really make you rich if you focus and take massive action on it.

Can Affiliate Marketing Make You Rich?

A big YES, affiliate marketing can make you rich and you can even scale it to a full-time income.

There are tons of affiliate marketers making a 6-figure per month from affiliate marketing alone and if you are just starting up as an affiliate you can become rich with affiliate marketing only if you are willing to put in the necessary work that will get you there. 

But the main thing about affiliate marketing is that it takes time. It’s not a get-rich- quick business.

I often heard people and the so-called “GURUS” saying you can make money with affiliate marketing fast or there’s a trick that you can leverage to make money online fast with affiliate marketing, to be honest with you, all that is a lie, there’s no trick of making money with affiliate marketing fast.

 Anyone that tells you that is trying to sell you false hope or trying to make money from you, don’t fall for those lies.

Making money online with affiliate marketing and to talk of becoming rich takes really hard work, consistency, effort, and time to be able to make your first dollar.

Does it mean you can become rich with affiliate marketing? No, what I’m trying to say is that it takes work.

The number one reason why most people, especially the beginners, don’t get to make money online with affiliate marketing is that they approach affiliate marketing as a quick way to make money online and as they don’t get to make any money during 3 to 6 month or even a year, they quit…

Remember: You need to approach affiliate marketing with a long term plan in mind.

Affiliate marketing is like any other type of business out there it requires time and effort, but the thing about it is that you don’t get to create your own product, chargeback, customer service. All you have to do is just focus on promoting your product. 

There tons of people doing affiliate marketing and are making a very decent income from it because they are willing to do the work that it requires.

Though there is a learning curve to become successful with affiliate marketing, a lot of people get caught in this stage. They spend their whole time learning and never do anything with it.

Though knowledge is power but it is useless if you don’t do anything with it.

So How Much Can You Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

How much you can earn with affiliate marketing all depends on your level of experience and your work ethics.

Here’s what  to expect to earn as an affiliate:

Affiliate LearnerAlways losing money
Low-Level Affiliatefrom $0-$300 a day
Intermediate AffiliateFrom $300-$3,000 a day
High-Level AffiliateFrom $3,000 and above 
Expert “Big Boys’ affiliate$10,000 a day

As I said earlier on, affiliate marketing is not the solution to your financial freedom, it takes time. The only way you can become successful with affiliate marketing and become rich is to become an expert in the industry.

The Internet is full of experts, so once you get to understand what you are doing everything becomes so easy and that’s if you start to help more people instead of just wanting to make money. 

The more you help people the chances are, you’ll become successful, so simple and short becoming rich with affiliate all you have to do is to focus on creating valuable content that helps people.

Now the path to becoming rich with affiliate marketing is clear now, all you have to do now is put in the necessary work, time, effort and have passion in what you are doing… Remember to be consistent in whatever you are doing.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

Yes, affiliate marketing is still worth your time, effort, and hard work. In fact, affiliate marketing can give you a good passive income, residual income today, tomorrow and many years to come when you approach it with a good mindset.

Knowing what it will take you time to make money with it. You can make a decent income in the long run IF YOU CAN DO THAT.

So again, affiliate marketing takes a lot of effort, commitment and you need to have an action plan to be able to make some income and more importantly you need to learn the basic aspect of how it works and what to be focusing on in order to grow it.

You need to have passion for the niche you are in and also believe in the product you’re promoting as an affiliate.

And more importantly, you should focus on only one product to promote as an affiliate so you can establish trust and expertise in the eye of your customers.

Now as you have picked that one product, you need to target a potential audience and find out what exactly they are searching for in the search engine and target those keywords and then create helpful content around that keywords in order to attract them to your affiliate product.

Because they are potential buyers that are more likely to buy what you offer.

Another thing you should focus on is, promoting your content on a regular basis in order to add value to other people’s lives that could eventually become a loyal fan of you and your blog or website, and they could possibly become your potential buyer in the future.

Now affiliate marketing is still worth it, if you take the right action toward it and stick to it, and that’s producing MORE  and MORE and MORE content. If you can do that, making money with affiliate marketing is still worth it.

Why Should You Choose Affiliate Marketing?

The beautiful thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to create your own product, which means you don’t need to be worried about customer service, chargeback, or anything as such.

The only thing you need here is to just focus on creating content and promote your affiliate link. 

You can start for free without investing no money, when starting up you don’t need a website to start an affiliate marketing business. But as time goes on you need to get one.

You don’t need to pay for advertisements to drive traffic to your affiliate product. You can just create a YouTube channel and start producing some valuable content in your video and grab your affiliate link and paste it in the video description.

With YouTube, you can get hundreds and thousands of views to your video and guess what, FREE traffic to your offer.

You can build a personal brand with affiliate marketing by only focusing on the topic “affiliate marketing”  where people will know, like and trust you as a go-to-person for help in terms of affiliate marketing.

And as you build that trust with them, they are more likely to buy anything from you which will give you sustainable, residual income and passive incomes business for years to come.


So now, as you can see from a  point of view – affiliate marketing is really worth trying and leveraging the power of the internet to create online business with affiliate marketing it’s an amazing thing and also the easiest way to make money online.

That’s why you can see so many people making a very good income doing that.

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This is what it costs to get started with affiliate marketing the right way and start making some income online.

Investing money into affiliate marketing can help you skyrocket your success and your income, but when you are just getting started don’t invest money into a lot of things that will not impact the growth of your business.

Instead invest wisely into tools, training to learn a skill set to become a better person and marketer.

If you invest into tools I layout bove,, YOU could possibly build a 6-figure affiliate business leveraging the power of the internet. Affiliate marketing is the best and easiest way of making money online as a complete beginner or expert.

Are you going to have a website for your business? If yes let me know in the comment section below…

If you have reached the end of this post, I would like to congratulate you for taking the time to read this post. And I believe you have taken something away from this post, GREAT… We love to hear from you in the comment and if you have any questions let us know as well… And if you want help with something, we’ll be pleased to help you out.

Also let us know what you want to learn about affiliate marketing that we can create content about..

REMEMBER: Affiliate marketing is a journey, never give-up and Press On… Press On… Press On until you get there.

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To Your Success,

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