How To Start Affiliate Marketing Step By Step | A 6-Figure Blueprint

Becoming an affiliate marketer can be a great reward for anyone who wants to make money online BUT if you want to make money with affiliate marketing, then you need to start it the right way.

The most successful and best way to start affiliate marketing is to build a PERSONAL BRAND and promote YOU not your affiliate links. And you do this by providing valuable content that solves people’s problems. 

The biggest mistake a lot of people make when getting started with affiliate marketing is that they join any affiliate program and then start to post their links in social media saying (Buy now! Buy now).

And guess what, if a sale is not made they are attempted to do paid ads and drive traffic to their affiliate links. And yet when the sale is not made and before you realize their investment is lost.

So when you are thinking of starting affiliate marketing do not post your links all around social media. Instead build a personal brand around you by first helping people with valuable content that solves their problems.

And as you become your own brand, people will start to Know, Like and Trust you. And as they begin to Know, Like and Trust you they will start to see you as a go-to-person whenever they are in need of something different, they will come to you and there you can refer them to a program, training or product that will solve that problem for them.


But you need to be an affiliate for what you are referring them to, and the program you are referring them to has to be something that will completely solve that challenge they are facing.

And if in case you are not an affiliate to what you think will solve the challenges they are facing, still refer them to it because YOU are trying to build a Relationship with them. And they could one day buy something from you just to appreciate you for the help you provided them with.

So you can use platforms like YouTube channel, Blogging, Instagram, FB Page and Twitter, etc, to build a personal brand to promote yourself and build credibility in front of your audience instead of just spamming people with your links. 

When people start to like you because of the content and credibility you provide, they will be willing to purchase from you whatever you recommend. And that’s the only place you need to provide your affiliate links.

I hope you get some light on this…? With that being said, let’s get deep into some of the steps you need to consider to be successful with this business model.

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#1. Choose A Niche Your Passionate About

Starting an affiliate marketing is not about just picking a product and started promoting it BUT you need to first choose a niche you are at least passionate about AND stick to for the long run.

Choosing a niche that you enjoy or love writing about and can help you focus and have an interest in the topic whether you are making money or not with it.

A niche is important because if you are trying to sell or market to anything you come across, on the internet you won’t get far and probably make no money.

Your niche will help you to identify who your ideal or target customer is, who to market and speak to, what your audiences are in need of and who do you serve.

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#2. Choose The Right Affiliate Program To Promote

You don’t want to fool your audience and end up regretting, so choose to promote the right products that are best for your audience and solve whatever challenges they are facing.

Choosing to promote fake products or programs that have no value can hurt you and your business for the long run.

Also, you should do a little research about the product you are about to promote as an affiliate to make sure if there are other people out making money with the program by promoting it. 

You can do a little research on Google to find some of the best affiliate programs to promote. You can do this by ( Google Your Niche + Affiliate Program )  doing this you will discover some really great affiliate programs to join.

Furthermore, you should also find out whether they do payout commission for their affiliate for selling their product.

How to start affiliate marketing

Here is a list of some of the best and legit affiliate network to find product to promote:

BONUS TIP: As you have found the product you want to promote, you should consider buying it before promoting it. Buying the product will help in terms of product review and it will also give the confidence to promote the product effectively knowing it will help people.

And also, it will help you establish trust and credibility with your customer, in terms of knowledge about the product.

#3. Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important for the success of your business as an affiliate, because you have to know what keywords and phrases people are typing into search engines, so you can come up with relevant phrases that are related to the product you are promoting and create content around those phrases to promote your product.

There are tons of free and paid keyword research tools out that will help to discover what phrases your target customers are typing into search engines. But paid keyword research tools have more helpful features than the free one.

Paid keyword have great features such as:

  • How difficult it will be to rank for that key phrase you want to use
  • Give you keyword suggestions you could create content around and rank for it
  • Website analysis (both yours and your competition)
  • Search volume for keywords

Here are some of the paid keywords tools you can leverage to grow your affiliate marketing business ( SemRush ) ( LongTailPro ). BUT if you don’t have the budget to go for paid keyword tools which I highly recommended if you are just starting up, you can go for free ones such as ( Ubersuggest ) (Google Keyword Planner ) and these are great as well.

When you are ready to do your keywords  research you might consider learning the following:

  1. Keyword Theory
  2. How Search Engines Use Keywords

#4. Create Content People Want To Consume

Now, as you have chosen your niche, find a product you want to promote and have done your keyword research and find out what people want and are in need of. The next thing is to create content people want to consume.

By The Way, What Is A Content?

Great question, content is any piece of information that addresses your target audience’s top challenges, problems, and pains… AND provides a solution and answer to it.

Content can be in the form of Video, Facebook posts, blog posts, Instagram pictures, and stories, or Free PDF downloads.

And as an affiliate marketer, the only way you are going to succeed is to create a steady flow of valuable content for your target marketplace to consume.

Content is king but that is a half-way truth, quality content is indeed king and as an affiliate, content is the solide engine that will make you the money.

But, Why Content Is King…?

Well… the answer is obvious once you understand the bigger picture of this. But let me simply break it down a little bit for you why I mean content is king

In online marketing, the more valuable content you place in front of your target audience, the more TRUST they will have in you which will stand the chance of you making more money…

It’s really that simple, but there’s nothing easy about it. You will need a STEADY FLOW of content to dominate your target market.

How to start affiliate marketing

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#5. Drive Traffic To Your Content

The internet is flooded with a lot of channels where you can promote your content. The product you are promoting and your target audience can determine which platform you should market your content.

You can share your content on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc…

To start building relationships with your audience without sharing your affiliate links and as time goes on you can start to leverage those traffic and turn them into leads and sales.

BONUS TIPS: Driving free traffic from those sources is great but as time goes on and as you are making enough income from your business you should consider investing in paid ads to grow your business.


But you should take a course to learn how to do it right or you can find someone on YouTube who you think is successful doing paid ads and learn from them.

Furthermore, you should focus more on video marketing apart from your blog to grow your business. Why? Because video marketing is dominating now in terms of building trust and relationship with a customer.

#.Build An Email List And Build Relationship With Your Audience

This is where the real excitement and 101 marketing begins, as you are promoting your content you need to be capturing an email address of your readers. Why? Because the only way you are going to make money online is through email…

It reported that people don’t normally buy a product online at their first exposure especially with affiliate marketing and the way you are going to do this is to first capture their email list and then follow-up with them through an autoresponder.

So How Do You Build An Email List?

To build an email list you must first identify your audience’s wants/needs and then decide what they will be interested in and give it to them for free. 

To build your email list you must have the follow:

  • You must first have email software to capture your leads
  • You must have lead generation campaign
  • Find a way to build your list of interested prospect 
  • Promote and share your “Lead generation campaign”
  • Build your audience and and engage with them daily

Remember, email is the lifeblood of your business and if you are not building an email list now, you are leaving huge money on the table.

Like it has been said all the time “The money is in the list” and if you are not building an email now you are not going to run a successful affiliate marketing business.

Now as you have built your list you must find a way to build a relationship with your list and the way you do this is to continue providing valuable content for them through an email.

And if you do that over and over again they are more likely to buy from you because they will see you as an expert.    


                                                                                                                                          And the more they see you as an expert in the field, the more they will trust anything you recommended, and the more likely they are to buy through your links.

If you are ready to start building your email list I recommend getting started with Getresponse. Getresponse comes with an already beautiful Landing page to capture and build your email list and also have an Autoresponder to build Trust and Relationship with your list and as well as Market and Sell your Product.

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Now if you think of starting an affiliate marketing business the right way you should consider following these steps and if you follow those steps exactly, then success is bound to happen for you.

There are a lot of things you must know and a lot of things you must be very good at to become successful with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a journey so continue to learn new things to grow your skills.

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Becoming successful in any business – EFFORT, TIME, COMMITMENT and PATIENT – is the Key. So before you get yourself into this business model – ask yourself whether you are willing to put in 100% EFFORT, TIME, COMMITMENT and PATIENT.

By definition “Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s)products. You find a product you like ( which is usually termed as NICHE), promote it to others who you think are in need of, and earn a piece of the percentage for each sale that you make. “ Sounds easy as ABC right?

Making money online with affiliate marketing is not an easy thing BUT technically it’s possible. You need to be committed to learning the steps towards becoming an Affiliate Marketer and most important is to take massive ACTION.

At the beginning of starting an affiliate marketing business, you must treat it as a business.

how to start affilaite marketing step by step and make money online

Is affiliate marketing A Scam Or Legit?

There is something about affiliate marketing that makes a lot of people think making money online with affiliate marketing it’s a scam BUT, the truth is, Affiliate Marketing is not a scam, it is a legit way to make money online.

However, anything that reads, “get rich quick” is a scam AND affiliate marketing is not “get rich quick, it requires hard work, commitment like any other business out there…

The main reason people think affiliate marketing is a scam is because  there are a lot of people selling courses on how to make money online doing it and there tons of people making a lot of money just from affiliate marketing alone.

But those who are not making money online with affiliate marketing think it’s a scam and the reason they are not making any money from it is because they are willing to put in the work, time, effort , patient and learn enough to make money online. 

The only way to make money online with affiliate marketing is if you are willing to put in the work, time and learn you will make money with it. So again affiliate marketing is not a scam it is a legit way to make money online and if you can put in the work it can change your life financially. 

How Much Can You Make As An Affiliate Marketer?

Let’s take a look at how much affiliate marketers are making. It is reported that in 2016 9% of publishers were making more than $50,000 in affiliate income alone. And 65% majority of merchants were making 5% and 20% per year in affiliate income.

With affiliate marketing you can earn more depending on your level of experience and the amount of work you put in to grow your affiliate marketing business.

The amount expected to be earned by affiliate marketers depending on their level experience:

Level Of Experience For AffiliatesExpected Income (Earn)
1) Low-level affiliate  $300/day
2) Intermediate Affiliate   $300 to $3,000/day
3) High-level Affiliate   $3,000/day
4) Super Affiliate $10,000/day and more

Can Affiliate Marketing Make You Rich?

YES, affiliate marketing can make you rich. With affiliate marketing you can make extra income or even make a full-time income working from the comfort of your own home.

But if you think of running affiliate marketing as a business and probably make a full-time  income from it, you need to approach it with a long term mindset because affiliate marketing is not “get-rich-quick” it takes time, effort, commitment and patient to be successful with this business model.

If your plan is to turn affiliate marketing into a full-time work and become rich then, the trick is to have multiple income streams. The more you have, the more money you are going to make. So yes, affiliate marketing can make you rich.

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Affiliate marketing is just like any type of business business – it takes time and effort to gather momentum and grow it to the level you want. If you are told that you can make money with affiliate marketing  while you sleep it’s not true. You need to put in effort, time, money before you can see success.

If you have reached the end of this post, BRAVO! Let us know what you think in the comment below and if you need help with anything and how we can help you, please leave us a comment below or email us. We are here to help you succeed.

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How to start affiliate marketing without having a blog or website


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