The Best Strategies To Start Online Business ( that actually work)

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You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great

Do you want to start an online business but don’t know how?

I mostly hear a lot of people starting out their online business and how they can’t wait to make money online and quit their 9 to 5 job, become their own boss, travel around the world and have the time freedom to do more of what they love.

But the truth of the matter is, you are not going to make that dream happy if all you do is to always learn and not take action on what you learn. Building a successful internet business is not all about consuming content every day and not doing anything with it. 

You only succeed online if you are willing to put in the necessary work that will get you there and stop sitting in front of your computer every consuming content from YouTube or Blog.

Though it’s good to have knowledge but if all that knowledge you have and you are not using it for anything. Is it useless?

In this blog post i will be walking you to a simple step by step way to start your online business the right way and start having some success with your business AND more importantly to motivate you to start your online business.  

If you’re brand new to the online business world this post is going to help you and save you years of mistakes and frustration and if you are already into the online business still be sure to stick around because i will be sharing something with you here that you never came across before.

Be sure to read this post to the end…

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Here is what to expect in this post:

1. The best way to start online business

2. How to make $1,000 a day with online business with no investment

3. Top 10 Online business idea for beginners to start

4. What kind of online business is most profitable?

Are you ready to take a leap of faith and launch your first business?

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With that being said let,dive in…

how to start online business
how can i make money with affiliate marketing

The Best Way To Start An Online Business Is To Just START Now.

Hello entrepreneur there is no better time or right time to start your business, the time to start is right now and stop holding your success back, stop waiting or looking for the best business model and great course to teach you how to get started with internet business.

Almost everyone both beginners and some experts who started their business want to make progress in their business but they don’t because they actually hold themselves back with limiting beliefs and skepticism. If you are listening to the sound of my voice in this post, i have one thing for you: “PRESS ON”…

The only thing that matters is to just start, maybe it might not feel right for you or you might not be seeing the result you want or probably you don’t know whether what you are doing is right or wrong. 

All those successful entrepreneurs you see online today making it, they all pass through what you are going through today but guess what they keep the ball rolling until they figure it out so all that matters right now is that you take action and do something right now.

Taking massive action on whatever you are doing is how you learn and grow fast. Don’t alway get caught up in the learning stage but as you learn, take more action on what you just learned and one more thing, don’t learn and keep it for another day. Take immediate action. 

True financial freedom and successful business is achieved when you are learning and at the sametime taking massive action at what you do .That is what actually leads to success and growth in whatever you do. 

Right now all you need is just a little experience and also learn a proven skill set on what to do each day to grow your business. At the end of this post I will leave a link to a program that has helped me to successfully launch my first online business from scratch. I highly recommend it for your success.

  • You need a platform to grow your business

There are many platforms you could choose to grow your business but please pick only one platform until you are successful with that platform before moving to another platform. Because if you focus on two or more platforms to grow your business you will overwhelm yourself and also it may delay your success.

Select a platform that best works for you. It could be a Blog, YouTube Forum, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, etc. I don’t know which one you may go for but choose only one and go all in.

You may have heard this saying before  (“the thinking” system and the “doing” system” ) This saying is true. If you only focus in the thinking mode, you won’t make any progress in life. Change only take place when you take action.

If you are not getting the results that you want in your life or business, it’s time to stop thinking and start doing by taking massive action.

Becoming successful with a business you need experience to develop a skills set and the only way you can master that skill is to pick only one skill and master it and if you are making money from there, you can then move to a different skill.

Don’t let every opportunity online caught your eye, just pick one thing and stick to it. Focusing on two many thing can hold your success back. 

Though dabbling with different skills can help you learn and develop a lot of skills at your fingertips but not when you are first starting up your online business.

how to start online business
online business ideas

Make Clear Decision To Stick With Your Business

Every successful business owner you see online makes millions of dollars from their business, it is because they make clear decisions to stick with their business no matter how.

And they don’t allow fear and doubt to hold them back, they are constantly taking action and adapting to change to build theirs and it helps them to move their business forward fast. When you are not willing to decide now to work on your business, trust me, you are not going to make any progress in your business. 

Every day that you are not taking massive action on your business, you are leaving huge money on the table for someone else and probably you are allowing someone else to take away your chance of success. 

More importantly, you are not going to design the type of life you dream of. You can start to create your dream life the moment you say to yourself, “I’m going to focus on my business. It may not feel right, but I’m going to go all in and give it a try.”

You may fail or run into some mistakes but all that really matters is you rise up again and fight hard to win. If you can do this and not give up, success is bound to happen and opportunities will start opening for you.

You will start to figure out what work and what doesn’t work and also know your strengths and from there you can know what to do next and what will make your online business grow…Remember: All that you are going through with your online business, every successful entrepreneur that you see online today all go through that face. 

That’s how setting up an online business works but if you can trust the process and never quit, then you are on the way to success. 

Start Your Online Business Today

If you want to start an online business and make money online, today is the day, don’t wait for tomorrow because tomorrow is never a promise. Stop everything you are doing right now and go set up one now after you finish reading this post.

Again if you continue to wait for the best time or perfect course before you launch your online business. Eventually, you will lose interest and never start. Don’t ever give up on your dreams of financial freedom; your life depends on this. Be a doer and take massive action. 

Have a mindset for success and MORE importantly have faith that no matter what happens you are goin to make it and that you will get to where you want to be. There’s no loser in this world we live in unless you yourself decide to quit.

How To Make $1,000 A Day With Online Business With No Investment

There are so many ways online you can earn $1,000 in a day with zero investment. You’ll be able to make far more with no starting up fee than investing into some sort of thing.

Here are some list of ways you can earn $1,000 online with no investment or start up, I hope you get some ideas from it and decide which way to go!

1: Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where you can offer pretty much any service known to the internet and you can charge $5+ for that service. You could offer video editing, web design, logo design article writing, etc.  If you have any skills in these fields you can put yourself on Fiverr for people to hire and you charge them per hour.

how to start online business
make passive income

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2: Affiliate Marketing

This is the best way to make money online as a complete beginner, with affiliate marketing you don’t have to be an expert to make money with this business model. Affiliate marketing is simply selling  individual or company products/services and you get a commission when someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase.

  • So how can you do this without any investment?

With this type of business model the best and most effective way to go about this is by reviewing the product or services. All the best and successful YouTubers and Bloggers out there, what do you see? They all have links in their youtube video or blog post and those links are affiliate links.

  • And what are they all doing?

They are an affiliate to a specific product that they are reviewing. For example let say you are a photographer, you could do

  • Videos reviewing different type of camera
  • A comparison of two different camera
  • A video tutorial showing people how to use the camera

As you are done with those videos you can then upload them on YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Linkedin, instagram etc… As you upload it there you would have the chance of getting hundreds and thousands of free views on your video and your affiliate link but make sure you add your link in the video description. 

And  you are done with that you can start making money without even investing money into advertisement or investing money into any other tool to grow your business.

3: Upwork

If you have a specific job in any feed, just post it on upwork and if people hire you for that specific job. You have to tell the person how much you cost per hour if the person wants to hire you for that job, you can charge $10 to $20 per hour depending on the task.

Video editing, article writing and web design work is expensive and you could charge more than that, somewhere between $40, $50 and $100.


4: eBay Arbitrage

This is a cool business model. You find a cool unexpensive product on eBay and then create a similar list, photo and better description of the product and increase the price of the product.

If someone wants the product from you and you then go back to the seller and order the same product and the company will ship the product directly to the customer with zero cost to you.

You can request the product ship to you then you can then ship it to the customer but doing it like this, you have to pay for the shipping which will make you not make any profit. So the best thing to do is to allow the company to ship it to the customer on your behalf and you get to keep the commission.

There are tons of cheap products on eBay, you can find some of them and list them on social media and if someone finds it interesting and wants to buy, you then order it from the company and let them ship it to the person. That’s it!

Those are 4 different ways how you can make $1,000 a day online. There are many more ways but these 4 are the best and proven ways to make money.

Ready to learn how to start online business step-by-step and make money online CLICK HERE to join now”.

how to start online business
online business ideas

Top 10 Online Business Idea For Beginners To Start

The best thing about starting an online business is that you can run your business wherever you are at home or on vacation.

But whatever business you are going to start online make sure you have interest and passion about it. You could be in the smallest or widest “niche, there are people online looking for what you are seeking and you have to make them know you and about what you are selling and how it going to help them.

At the end of the day,  starting an online business and selling products online is MORE about reaching potential customers who are interested in what you are selling. So make sure you learn everything about running online business and marketing.

The only way to make money online out of the %90 of people who struggle to make their first dollar is by learning how to market effectively.

If you market to ANYBODY online, you are marketing to NOBODY and that can cause you to fail completely, but don’t worry I got you covered. If you want to build online business the right way and how to marketing and grow that business to a 6-figure a month clink the LINK to join my #1 recommended program to build a strong home business online the right way.

This program is created with you in mind to help you become a successful entrepreneur…

Let’s go over some online business ideas you can start to make and make money online.

how to start online business
make money online

1. Build Niche Sites

A niche site is a targeted site which focuses on one major topic, interest and need of a large market. A niche site produces valuable content that helps help a specific market and its visitors. Find a market or a group of people that are in need and create a program, tools, ebook, ect, that will help them solve their problem.

To make money from your niche site, what you need to do is to create a website or a blog and add the product on your site and get them to visit your site to buy the product. 

2. Video Marketing

Youtube is the second largest search engine apart from Google and being one of the biggest video streaming sites on the internet, it is owned by Google. If you want to promote affiliate products, review a product and services, you can create a video and rank the video with your affiliate link in the description box of the video. 

And when someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product you are promoting you earn a commission.

3. Become A Professional Blogger

Blogging is the best way to make money online. If you are willing to put in the work and stay consistent and focus you can make a full-time income blogging. You have to have passions with what you are doing and disciplined to be able to see success with blogging.. 

There are a number wys blogger male money. Some of these are through affiliate marketing, ads, sponsor posts, there are a lot of bloggers making full-time from each of these.

4. Open An Online Niche Store

Can you create a quality content that can serve the needs of people? If so then create a content base development store platform to generate some income. But first you need to do research to find a well tight niche that is profitable then build a content targeting the nich and then allow ads to run on it and leave it for a while.

If you do your reach well and find a very good nich, you can be making $2 to $3 a day which is cool.

5. Sell Gig On Fiverr

If you have any practical skills or service like Logo design, Transcript, Video creation, backlinks, etc, you can set up a gig which is normally $5 and if someone buys your gig or hires you, you will make $5 for every offer you make on fiverr. 

Read: How i make $200 a day on fiverr as a complete beginner

6.  Freelance Services

If you are a professional in an online marketplace, programming, coding, web design, copywriting, consulting, etc, there are companies and business owners looking for help in such areas and if you can offer help, they are willing to hire and pay if you could help them get the job done.

7. Selling E-Books Online

If you are an expert in a specific area topic and can teach people that, then write an ebook and share that knowledge with the world on the internet for a price. We live in a world now that people go to the internet to search for information that will help them to become a better person. Writing an ebook is the best, profitable and lucrative way to make money online especially if your ebook falls under evergreen topics like. Health, wealth and relationships.

8. Affiliate marketer Of Information Product

Information products can be in the form of ebooks, courses, videos that educate people to solve a specific problem they are having a challenge with, you can then research your customers to identify their problem and find a product that will help them solve that particular problem.

Clickbank is one of the best online marketplace of digital information products. You can join their affiliate program for free and start marketing the many products in the marketplace for a commission.

9. Writing Reviews

If you can write a very good review about a company’s product you can make a good money online. There are tons of companies out there looking for professional bloggers who write about the topic close to their product or services they want to promote, they will hire the blogger to write a very good review about their product in exchange for cash. 

You can make somewhere from $20 to $30 depending on the type of niche you are in, the company whose product you choose to review on your blog.

10. Create And Sell Your Own Product

If you are into affiliate marketing and you are doing it well, it will help you build an email list of potential customers. Once you promote people’s products and have gained some authority in your niche, it is time to create your own product to sell to your audience and once you create that you have full control over your income.

Those were some of the top online businesses you can start online and take advantage on if you want to make money online or probably passive income if done well and the best approach is to look at what is already working and take  massive action on that.

What Kind Of Online Business Is Most Profitable?

There are tons of online businesses that are really working well for only those who are willing to learn and to put in the necessary work that will make them successful and choose the right business model which is already proven work and their people are making millions of money from it by becoming financially free.

The best and only business to start right now are Affiliate marketing and Drop shipping and that’s because they are the only business that’s scalable to increase your income without you creating your own product.

Both of these businesses deal with delivery of product and services and they work globally. Meaning no matter which  part of the world you live in now you can still join and run it successful.

They pay for referring customers to their product and if the customer turns to purchase the product they pay you. 

You can put yourself in front of the product and treat it as if you are the creator of the product and your side of this business is to market the product using your own marketing method.

With these two businesses the BEST model which really works and people are making a full time income from it is affiliate marketing. There are different affiliate marketing models and strategies and some are far better than others. 

For instant selling digital products as an affiliate, which some affiliate networks pay you 40-60 monthly recurring income which is far better than selling physical products on Amazon that pay 3-10% for every sale you made.

Affiliate marketing can bring you a huge success online if done well and you require learning a certain skill and taking massive action on what you learn.

But to be honest with you affiliate marketing is not to get rich quick, it takes time and if you really want to make a living off it you need to treat it as a long term and commit to the process.

Remember: A little knowledge and skill can change your business in terms of income, so just make sure you do your homework really well before jumping off with any online business.


If you can trust and have faith that your success in making money online is secure and possible, then you are bound to succeed and there is no limit to what you can achieve. Are you ready to take a leap of faith and create the business of your dream by leveraging the power of the internet?

If you reach the end of this post, bravo, let us know in the comment what you think about this post and if you need any help we will be please to help… Remember: Don’t give and press on.

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how to start online business


See you at the top,

BRIGHT KERSH (Retired Influencer)

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