How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

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How to succeed with affiliate marketing

Since affiliate marketing was introduced on the internet in the year 1989 by William T. Tobin, 14 billion dollars been degenerated from this industry. And top affiliates are making $10,000 per day. So how can you succeed with affiliate marketing and be part of those top affiliates who are dominating the industry…

To succeed with affiliate marketing, you need to find a marketplace that has a NEED and fill the NEED with a genuine, valuable, and high-quality offer and then focuses on getting targeted traffic to that offer.  

And the main thing you need to also focus on is creating consistent and relevant content that people are looking for and interested in.

Because your success will depend on the amount of effort you put into providing value to the marketplace. 

The main reason that a lot of people fail to make money online is simply that they are not willing to put in the work that will get them the desired result.

Making money with this business model (affiliate marketing) it’s not easy but is possible and you just need to follow certain rules and tips and it can be rewarding once you get the concept.

Remember,  every type of business failure is part of the process of success and so do affiliate marketing as well, but we learn, grow, and become better from our past mistakes.

Below are the rules to set yourself up for success:

The first rule is to set a GOAL and that is to set an end result in mind, how much do you want to make, and then set a time limit on it and work towards it.

The second rule is SALE, the amount you want to make, you need to figure out how you are going to do it and that’s you are going to make sales online.

How are you going to make that sale? And that leads us to the third rules and that is you need PROSPECT or LEADS to get the sale done.

Where are those prospects or leads going to come from? That leads us to the forth rules and that is EMAIL LIST.

Above are the rules you need to follow and take action on. Let’s further take a look at some of them and some other ways to make affiliate marketing success.

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Ways To Make Affiliate Marketing Successful 

As an affiliate marketer, when you first get started you may feel you are out of the race, but that’s not the case.

What you need to do is commit to learning a skill set and you can easily develop and become a top affiliate and earn income that you can enjoy.

Here Are The Steps To Make Affiliate Marketing Successful:

1. Content Is Always King

Online content is always the first thing you should focus on as your number one priority.

I know you already know this but it’s important I mention just in case you forget.

You can’t get to be that successful business owner, who earns 6-figures online with affiliate marketing without first doing the work and online that work is creating solid content.

Wherever you may be growing your business, being a blog, YouTube, Forum marketing, social media, etc. Your main goal is to create fresh, interesting, relevant, and valuable content for your visitors on a daily basis. 

Pro tips: Make sure your content is search engine optimized (SEO).

Let’s look at some benefit of content marketing: 

But first what then is content marketing?

Content marketing can be defined as a strategic method to attract a target audience, enhance brand awareness, increase sales, grow a brand and drive traffic to an offer by writing or producing high-quality, useful, relevant, and valuable content on a daily basis. 

Below are the benefits of using content marketing:

To Generate Leads

If you can provide useful content that helps people in one way or the other, there’s a probability that they would want to leave their email address. Simply to get more helpful information from you.

To Build Community Of Loyal Fan

Constantly delivering useful information can help you build a trusted community of target customers for a long turn.

Consistent delivery of useful content to the marketplace can also help you attract effective followers and grow your brand and also entice readers to return to your website.

To Increase Awareness and Fame

Creating genuine and high-quality content on a topic that addresses people’s needs can give you the advantage to become a famous, authority figure, and increase awareness in your industry.

2. Build An Email List

Now, in order to be able to run a successful affiliate marketing business, you need to have an email list, building an email list is very crucial for your success.


When you (affiliate) sell products, it’s not likely that people will buy at their first exposure, and even if they get exposure to the product 7-times, the majority of them are not going to buy because of skepticism.

So this is where building TRUST and a relationship with a customer has to come into place and that can only be established successfully when you have them on your email list.

How do you get them on your list and build TRUST with them…?

You do this by simply giving out something of value for free in exchange for their email address.

This freebie can be in the form of a downloadable PDF, Training course, video, etc, that solves specific problems or challenges people are facing.

And as you begin providing those valuable content for them through an autoresponder for the long run, they will begin to Know, Like, and TRUST you. 

And even start to see you as an authority figure in the industry and a go-to-person for help. 

And now, this where they will begin to purchase whatever you recommended to them, you can even create your own product in the future and sell to them.

As the saying goes, ‘The money is in the list’. And if you are not building an email and you are just sending people to a direct affiliate link, you are leaving huge money on the table.

There are many email software out there that will allow you to build your own email list such as ( ConvertKit, LeadPage, Aweber, Getresponse… etc). But the one I recommend is Getresponse.

Getresponse is two-in-one meaning it has both a landing page to build your email list and an effective autoresponder to build trust with your list and sell your products.

It also has amazing features such as webinar hosting, CRM (customer-related management), and many helpful marketing tools.

At the time of writing this, I still use them and my experience with them was great.

You can get started with Getresponse Here for free (30-days free trial).

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Here is the Link to Getresponse again.

Let’s take a lot at some of the benefits of email marketing and why you should start one after you finish reading this post.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways of running an effective long term digital marketing business and has many benefits. Let’s take a look at them.

Below is the benefit of email marketing:

Segment your supporter population.

To run or have a successful email marketing, you need to know you are sending the right email to the right customer.

You can’t send the same email to the same person or customer over and over again, so know your list and don’t send the same email or newsletters continuously.

Low budget.

Most of the email services don’t cost that much to get started with and that’s one of the great advantages of email marketing.

High engagement

A customer that subscribes to your blog or list is already interested and has given you permission to send them information.

And you will get a higher conversion rate because the user has already allowed you to send them information.

Send targeted emails

You can send emails or promotional emails to a specific type of people who are more likely or willing to buy a product from you.

Successful marketers ensure they are focusing on targeting the right kind of audience who are interested in their business.

Easy to share

With just a push of a button, you can send an email or promote a product to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

There is no other marketing like email marketing that can be shared instantly and quickly which can turn subscribers into loyal customers.

Build trust and relationship

Email marketing is the best way to build trust and relationship with an ideal customer in an intimate way for long term business.

When you write valuable emails that educate and teach people, people normally share it with other people, which can help your brand grow.

3. Affiliate Products

Business is about helping people and if your affiliate product doesn’t help people achieve their desired goals then you don’t have a business.

So the best way to know if an affiliate product is going to help your customer is to first buy the product yourself.

And if the product isn’t good enough for you, then there’s no chance of promoting it to your customer but if you go ahead and do so.

They are going to know after they purchase for the first time but later they are going to know and they will not trust you and your recommendation again and that can hurt you and your business. 

So focus on promoting only products that you think will help your visitors. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits of selecting a good affiliate product.

Benefit Of Good Affiliate Products

To Build Trust

Promoting good affiliate products that help solve problems and challenges people are facing can help you build the know, like, and trust factor with your audience.

To Build Authority Figure

You can become an authority figure and a go-to-person in your industry (niche)in the eye of your target audience just by sharing value products that are useful to people.

Increase Your Income

People will be willing to buy more and more products from you just simply because you promote good products.

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4. Learn Marketing

Out of the 14 billion dollars generated in affiliate marketing every year, that only comes from 3% of affiliates.


That’s simply because people fail to learn marketing.

A lot of people think they can just throw their affiliate links on social media, blog posts, or set ads, and people will automatically buy the product. This is incorrect.

You need to do research to find out what the market wants and focus on that because people’s desire is what drives everything.

If you promote a product that the marketplace is not in need of, guess what you are not going to make any sale which might lead to absolute failure at the very end.

But if you realize the needs and pain of people and deliver exactly that, that’s what people not only want but demand from you as a marketer.

Let’s look at the four layers of marketing and types of marketing.

The 4 layers of marketing

  • Action – You need to have a plan of action on how you are going to market your affiliate product. Eg set up a social media account or a blog to promote your product.
  • Strategy – To get results in what you are doing, you need to focus on one marketing strategy until you master it and you are getting enough attraction using it.
  • Tactics – The more eyeballs (traffic) you drive to your website or content the more income you will make, so you need to learn the tactics of optimizing your website and content for search (SEO).
  • Learn – You don’t know everything about marketing, so reach out to other people who are already successful with what you are doing and learn from them.

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of marketing we have.

Different Types Of Marketing

There is various form of marketing below are some of them:

Content Marketing

How to succeed in affiliate without a blog

Content Marketing is a process of sharing and distributing helpful information in the form of written text, video, images, etc which add values to readers and viewer’s lives.

Email Marketing

A lot of marketers say email marketing is old school, that’s simply because they don’t understand the power of it. Email marketing is not dead.

In the world we live in now, day in, day out people are constantly massaging, so email marketing is still profitable.

A study shows that people spend 6.4 hours each day reading their emails. Most people use email and they check their email every day, everywhere.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that is based on influencing an audience or followers by providing solid content and building a relationship in order to sell a product.

Influencers normally use platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, etc, to promote a product to their audience. Loyal customers and fans trust their recommendation.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, is also another whole new dimension of interacting with people one on one and listening to what they want to say or want, instead of broadcasting to a mass audience.

Social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are all great platforms for marketing your product. 

You can join groups related to your niche and start posting helpful articles, stories, and engage with people more in an intimate way.

Next, let’s look at some tips to follow if you want to get results fast with your business. Stay tuned, we will also be looking at how to start affiliate marketing the right way.


Download our Affiliate marketing ebook for free to learn step-by-step how to build a 6-figure online business leveraging the power of affiliate marketing. DOWNLOAD HERE

8 Affiliate Marketing Tips That Will Get You Result Fast

How to succeed in affiliate marketing free

Becoming an affiliate marketer is not a big thing but to get your desired results, there’s more that goes into it and that’s “Patience”.

Since affiliate marketing is not a quick way to make money online, being patient is very important because it takes time and effort to build an income stream.

Let’s take a look at some top affiliate marketing tips that will help get result fast:

1. First focus on building relationships with audiences 

The best possible way to make money with affiliate marketing is to build an audience that knows, Likes, and Trusts you.

For example, If your best friend recommends a product to you, you are likely to buy that product because you trust your friend, but if there is someone you don’t know or haven’t seen before making a recommendation of anything, you are likely to be skeptical.

So take your time and first focus on building trust and relationship with your visitors before trying to sell anything to them.

So how do you build that trust and relationship…?

Great question. You simply identify their pains and challenges and then provide a solution for their pain for free without asking anything in return.

2. Pick affiliate products that solve problems. 

There are good and bad affiliate products on the internet, so try to do thorough research and select an excellent product that your visitors are in need of and will add value to their lives and they will spend money.

3. Focus on building  targeted traffic

The more traffic you send to your website or offer, the more potential or ideal customers you will get which might result in big sales, so work hard to drive targeted traffic to your site.

4. Use strategy to promote your offers

Placing your affiliate banner ads in every area of your site is not going to help, most visitors didn’t come to your site with the intention of buying. 

In fact, they might find those banners spammy and bounce back, so instead, place them in the right place of your site so people can read your content.

Also, write a very good product (s) review, showing both the good and the bad side and what the product can do and can not do. Doing so will make people feel more comfortable with you.

5. Make use of tracking tools

Knowing whether the ad you set up is working or not is very important because it will help you to know what is wrong with your affiliate products.

It will also clearly show you how your ads are doing and give you a clear picture of what to do to fix them quickly.

It also helps in terms of which of your ads is working effectively and which are not. 

Making use of tools like ‘Analytics are great tools to find out this quickly.

6. Find an expert and learn from them

There are many successful and well-established affiliates in the niche you are in. Why not learn from them.

Sing up to their email newsletter, blogs, and Youtube channels and learn their techniques to develop your skillset which might eventually help you boost your affiliate revenue.

7. Always be honest about your recommendation

Being honest about a product you are promoting is the key that will unlock your income. Take the time to tell your audience about the product and what it can do and it can not do for them.

And also make sure you stated clearly you are an affiliate for the product you are promoting and you will get a commission if they decide to buy from you.

Though you might first get the sale, you will never get them back if you fail to be honest with your recommendation and also not stating you are an affiliate of the product.

How important is this…?

Being honest and stating you will get a commission if they purchase the product from you, can help you build strong TRUST with your visitors and for some people, they will just want to buy from you for being honest.

8. Build a resources page

You need to build a special page where you can list all the tools, services, and products you use and sell.

Doing this will make it easy for visitors or customers to easily see all the items you use and recommend.

NB: List all the items with a link and then write a few sentences reviewing them and what it does and how it’s used.

Put those top tips above into action and you will be able to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Now, as you have those tips in your finguretips, let take a look at the best way to really get started with affiliate marketing.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people make so many mistakes when trying to start affiliate marketing but that can easily be fixed.

But remember with any type of business out there, EFFORT, COMMITMENT, and CONSISTENCY is the key to success.

So before you dive into this business model, ask yourself whether you are willing to put in the work and COMMITMENT to the process.

By definition, affiliate marketing is a process of promoting an individual or a company’s products for a commission.

In other words, you find a product you like or have used and promoted it to others and if they purchase through your recommendation you earn a piece of income.

Below are the basic steps as to how to get started:

Choose Your Niche

When it comes to choosing a niche, most people make the mistake of just selecting any niche they came across.

To avoid picking a random niche which will eventually lead you to failure. 

Here are some KEY questions you need to ask yourself before picking your niche. 

  • What topic am I passionate about?
  • Is there enough money to be made in this niche?
  • Is there a demand for products in this niche?
  • Are there good affiliate programs available in this niche?

If you have answered all those questions and you are satisfied, then go ahead and pick your niche.

One thing to know, picking a high profitable niche like health and fitness for a higher commission is going to be really difficult for you to rank on Google and get traffic to your blog and your offer because the competition in this niche is very high.

There are millions of niche ideas to choose from but you need to be CAREFUL when picking a niche.

What I’ll recommend is to pick something that is less competitive and easy to rank on Google.

Below are some of the niche ideas that you can create sites around you can choose from.

Niche Site IdeasHow To Monetize This Site
Boat Buyer’s GuideSponsorship, Advertising, and Affiliate Product
Archery SiteAmazon Affiliate
Lens FinderAmazon Affiliate
Traveling CatSAmazon Affiliate and Advertising
PotteryAmazon Affiliate

Select Affiliate Program

Next, you need to select a product that you are going to promote and make money from, but make sure the product is congruent ( match) with your niche.

When picking an affiliate product, don’t focus on the commission you will get when you sell that product.

Rather, focus on picking a product you believe in or have used yourself and think it will help your visitors solve their problems.

Though affiliate networks such as ClickBank and ShareAsale may have higher commission payout products. But again, don’t focus on the commission and leave your customers behind.

Build A Website 

This part is very important, if you are going to run a successful affiliate marketing business you need to have a website.


Because having a website helps you to build TRUST and credibility with an audience, it also helps you build an online presence and a platform to publish blog posts to promote your product.

Though you might say oh, but YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, are there. Yes, those are great platforms you can promote your product for free, especially YouTube.

But one thing you have to know is that you don’t own those platforms and most of them don’t allow posting affiliate links on their platform. 

And one major thing is that you can easily get kicked out (remove) anytime.

But if you have your own personal blog or website, you own it for life and can post affiliate links to your post without any restriction.

Now, if you are ready and really mean this business and want to set up your own personal website which is cheap, fast, and secure. With a free SSL certificate and a free domain for one whole year.

Head over to Bluehost here. Bluehost is the number one hosting company out there and with just a click of a button, you can get your site up and running in under 30 minutes.

Here is the link to Bluehost to set up your own site.

(I’m an affiliate to Bluehost, meaning if you go through my link I’ll receive a small commission which is no additional cost to you but help me to focus on delivering more helpful content for you and others) Thanks For Support!

What is affiliate marketing and how to succeed with affiliate markeitngdo i

Do Keyword Research

Congratulations on setting up your blog.

Next, you need to create content that people are looking for and then promote your product in your content.

But before you do that, you need to first do keyword research to find out exactly what phrases and terms people are typing into a search engine (Google) when looking for the same product you are an affiliate for.

As you do your keyword research you need to target the right keyword that will stand the chance of ranking.

You should also target keywords such as ‘how-to, tutorial, reviews, and guide’ type of keyword because these types of keywords really turn out to do well when you are trying to sell something.

Create Solid Content

Finally, as your site is ready and you have found the right keyword for your content ideas, it’s time to create that valuable, relevant, and high-quality content that people want to consume, but make sure it’s interesting and engaging to keep your readers coming back for more.

Online content is king and I’ll recommend you spend most of your time producing helpful content on a daily basis.

Though creating content takes a lot of time and effort but it’s something you should fight through because you can’t be that 6-figure business owner without it.

However, you can outsource some of your content but not when you are just starting up. 

In my opinion, I think in your first 2-3 years you should do all the writing yourself to get the skill set at your fingertip. 

Promote Your Content

You can’t put all your eggs in one basket’, relying on a search engine (Google) to drive traffic to your blog it’s a delay gratification (long term strategy) which many people are not patient to tolerate. And get frustrated and give up but I don’t want that to happen to you.

So it’s very important you spend some time promoting your content by getting tons of eyeballs (traffic) to your site and products.

There are free platforms to promote your content and drive traffic to your site such as:

  • YouTube
  • Forums (Quora and Reddit)
  • Pinterest (recommended)
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagrams… etc

So there you go, those are the steps to get started in affiliate marketing.

Making money with affiliate marketing is undeniable and you can be in a position where you are making passive income.

But to make that passive income happen, you need to follow those steps above and put in the work and commit to the process till you see success.

Do you want to build a 6-figure affiliate marketing business or want to make a full-time income online,  check out my #1 recommended program… here that will walk you step-by-step how to do that.

Types Of Affiliate Marketing

There are different types of affiliate marketing in the market currently. Below are some of the types that you can decide to work with.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click is one of the popular types of affiliate marketing for affiliates with small websites and also the best and easy for them to make money online fast.

With this type of marketing, the vendor pays affiliates for sending traffic to his site.

Pay Per Performance (PPP)

This type of marketing is also the most common among many affiliates because it’s believed to be a rewarding type of marketing.

With a PPP type of marketing, the payment typically ranges between 15-20% per product sales.

Pay Per Performance is a type of affiliate marketing that is normally classified into two categories, that is,

  • Pay Per Sales (PPS).
  • Pay Per Lead (PPL).


Pay Per Sale (PPS)

With this type of marketing, the vendor pays the affiliate an amount of money whenever the affiliate sends visitors to the vendor’s site, and if the visitor purchases something from the site.

Affiliates are typically paid in commission between 45-50% or even more depending on the type of product. In general, PPS pays more than any type of affiliate marketing.

 Pay Per Lead (PPL)

The pay per lead type of marketing is the lowest among all the types of marketing above.

With this type of marketing, companies who depend on leads to grow their business paid an affiliate to send visitors to their website to fill up an application form.

And when the visitor finishes signing up with the application form, the company captures their email address and follow-up with them by marketing their product to them through email.

With PPL marketing, their payment to an affiliate is often based on a fixed price.

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Affiliate Marketing Example

proven ways to succeed with affiliate marketing as a beginner


Clickbank is a favorite place for a lot of affiliates because it’s easy to join and they also pay high commissions to affiliates.

They have different kinds of products from 12,000 merchants, so they have products available for everyone to promote.

They have a strong support team ready to help affiliates and vendors in terms of troubleshooting.


This is one of the most popular affiliate networks for most people, especially the beginning affiliates. It is easy to sign up and it takes 24 hours to get approval.

ShareAsale has many products from different categories to choose from.

One advantage of them is that they provide you with resources for promoting the product on your own blog or website.

CJ Affiliate

This network is formally known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate is an affiliate network that offers many affiliate programs.

They have been in business over a decade now and it’s one of the top affiliate networks out there.

Once you are accepted into their network, you are eligible to work with other big companies by promoting their product. 

However, because of its size and reputation, it’s very difficult to be accepted as an affiliate into their network.

They will take a look at your traffic level before accepting you.

One thing about them which is sometimes annoying is that you have to apply for each vendor individually but once you are accepted into one, it can be very profitable.

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JVZoo pays its affiliates a commission through PayPal instantly when a sale is made and because of that, a lot of people love to join their network.

Unlike other affiliate networks out there, you have to wait 30 to 60 days before payment is made into your account. But with JVZoo it’s not like that.

Signing up with JVZoo is easy and when you join you can have access to many products that you can promote and get paid if you made a sale.

Amazon Associate

Amazon is the oldest affiliate network on the internet, it was them that popularized affiliate marketing on the internet in July 1996.

They have over 12 million products such as books, wines, computers, and services, etc. Amazon affiliate program is the most recommended program for beginners.

They pay 4-8% in commission for selling their product which I think is very low. This rate is the same for selling all their products.

If you want to sell various categories of products, Amazon is the best choice, their affiliate program is reliable and profitable.

How Difficult Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become very difficult due to more and more marketers moving to this space simply because it promises to be the quickest way to make money online.

Most people try to present affiliate marketing as an easy way to become a millionaire in order to convince people (you and I) to purchase their products and services.

Speaking of affiliate marketing is a legit way to make money online but it’s also saturated with so many scam products.

And most of those products don’t help you and me and teach us the best way to approach this business model which makes affiliate marketing very difficult.

So now, if you are just getting started with affiliate marketing and you just jump into it without having any knowledge about it, you are going to make your life difficult and also set yourself up for failure early. 

The best way to profit from affiliate marketing is to first understand what affiliate marketing is all about, the pros and cons, and who the top affiliates are.



Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work?  Yes, affiliate marketing still does work and even better than the previous years, since more and more companies are getting their product online. However, to make it work for you, you need to learn the process and the systematic approach. You can’t through your affiliate link everywhere and expect to make money quickly.

Do I Need A Website To Be An Affiliate Marketer? No, you don’t need a website to be an affiliate marketer. There are many ways to promote your affiliate product for free without owning a website. Below are options to promote your offer without a website.

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

What Makes A Good Affiliate Website?  There are a couple of things that make a good affiliate website such as valuable content, easy to navigate website design, visual effect, traffic-friendly, consistency, and genuine product reviews. However, it is good to have a website that makes a good impression.


Affiliate marketing is a business model and to succeed it requires dedication, commitment, and massive action.

Affiliate marketing is not a sprint it’s a marathon which means it takes time to start seeing any results, so be patient and work hard, success only comes after a year or more of being in the business.

If you have reached the end of this post, BRAVO! Let us know what you think in the comment below.

And if you have any questions or anything, please don’t hesitate to let us know as well… We are here to help you!!!

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How to start affiliate marketing without having a blog or website


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