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Affiliate marketing is proven to be one of the best online business models to earn passive income online but if you’re new to this business model, you may probably be wondering how long it’s going to take you to make your first affiliate sale.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Though affiliate marketing is rapidly growing faster than any online business out there, however, it still does take time to make any significant income from affiliate marketing, it can take you a solid 6 months to a year or more to make your first affiliate sale.

Read on… The following article provides more details regarding the question, how long does affiliate marketing takes. Plus, factors that determine how long it’ll take you to make money doing affiliate marketing and how to start and make money with affiliate marketing the right way.

With that being said, let’s dive in…

How Long To Start Marking Money With Affiliate Marketing?

How long it will take you to make money with affiliate marketing depends on three factors such as:

  1. Your Niche – If you go after a competitive niche chances are that it will take you a very long time before you can start making affiliate sales.
  2. How Many Mistakes Are You Making – Spending time working on the wrong thing instead of the right is something that can delay your prograss.
  3. How Much Time Are You Spending Building Your Business – The more time you spend working on your affiliate business determines how fast you’ll make money from it. If you spend little time working on it, the longer it will take before you get your desired result.

I’ll share with you more in detail about this later on in this article.

That said…

If you approach affiliate marketing the right way by first focusing on building an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you by providing value. 

Then you can expect to earn your first $100 within 6 months if you put in 15-18 hours per day in building your affiliate business.

But if your goal is to earn a full-time income then you might want to invest at least 1 – 3 year into building your affiliate business. 


Well, the thing is, making money with affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick method.

It does take a fair amount of time and effort.

And also…

Speaking of affiliate marketing, it’s a learning curve, that means…

The chances of you becoming successful at it, will all depend on your knowledge about the topic and your implementation.

What do I mean by that?

Well, I mean..

  • How much do you know about the topic you’re in? 
  • And how many hours and effort do you put in each day to grow your business? 

If you don’t have good knowledge about the niche you’re in, chances are that you’ll be working on the wrong thing which might delay your success.


Like I said earlier, if you’re not putting enough time into building your business it’s also another thing that can delay your progress.

Why Does It Take Too Long For Most Affiliate Marketers To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

Well, there are so many reasons why you could not be making money with affiliate marketing as an affiliate.

That said… In my opinion, I think.

The main reason why it took so long for most affiliates to make money from affiliate marketing is: 

Lack of proper training and unwillingness to work on their business.

The vast majority of affiliate marketers don’t actually know what it takes to make money from this business model.

They think they can just throw their affiliate link all over social media. 

And expect to watch the money rolling into their bank account. (this sort of mindset is common among the beginning affiliate).


 It doesn’t work like that. 

And guess what?

That sort of marketing strategy is going to lead you nowhere but absolute failure. 

That said…

In order to see any sort of result or success with affiliate marketing, you need to first: 

  • Educate yourself about the topic of affiliate marketing (what is it all about, how it works, pros and cons and do’s and don’t, etc).
  • You need to put in the time, effort and be consistent.
  • And above all be patient.

I have another post where I share with you 12 reasons why you’re not making any affiliate sales. You can check it out here.

With that being said… 

I want to share with you some of the factors that will determine how long it will take you to make money with your affiliate marketing business.

Here Are 5 Factors That Will Determine How Long It’ll Take You To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is certainly one of the best and lucrative online businesses in this internet age.


It’s also highly competitive due to a lot of people jumping into this industry.

That said… 

To succeed with affiliate marketing you need to know what works and what doesn’t work. 


You know what… 

You can’t be working on the wrong thing and expect to be successful, things have to be done correctly.

Below Are Some Factors You Need To Take Into Consideration: 

What Is Your Niche?

The niche you choose to build your business around plays a huge role in whether you’ll make money or not.

The affiliate marketing industry is one of the most popular niches on the internet today.

There are some topics in affiliate marketing that are very saturated and competitive.

Topics like: 

  • Health & Fitness
  • Make Money Online

These two niches are very competitive than any other niches in the affiliate marketing industry. 


Well, this is simply because it’s believed that you can make a lot of money from them.

And that’s why a lot of people are jumping into it.

But the thing is…

If you go in for a niche like Health & Fitness, well, chances are that it’ll probably take you a very long time to make your first income from that niche.


Can I make a lot of money in a competitive niche? Absolutely yes. That’s why you see a lot of people rushing into it.

That said…

If you want to go after a competitive niche before you do so… 

I highly recommend you take the time to learn everything you can about that niche.

And also…

You need to be willing to put in the necessary work, time, effort, and commitment.

But the thing is… 

If you ask for my advice I would not recommend you go after a competitive niche.

Especially if you’re just starting out.


Well, the thing is there are tons of people who are in that niche for many years and are more knowledgeable than. 

And if you go into that niche as a beginner, you’re going to really suffer. 

And it will take you a very long time before you can make your first income.

So, what do I have to do?

I highly recommend going after a small niche, which is less competitive so you can start to see some income flowing in for you as fast as possible.

How Helpful Are You?

The name of the game online is to add value to people’s lives. If you’re not adding value to people’s lives.

Well, chances are that your audience won’t take you seriously and if that happened, they won’t purchase whatever you recommend. 

The more value you add to people the more they’ll come back for more time and time again.

Which will actually end them buying what you recommend.

But if you’re not willing to do that, forget affiliate marketing, try some different online.

How Quality Is The Affiliate Product You’re recommending?

In affiliate marketing TRUST is the KEY to success.

Your ideal customers or audience needs to trust you’re recommending quality, genuine products to them before they can buy.


If you’re recommending fake or garbage products to your audience just for the purpose of making a commission.

Guess what?

You’re not going to get any sales.

Yes, you might sell once, but your ideal customers will never return to buy anything from your site if you sell garbage.

REMEMBER: Most of your readers are smarter than you may think.

Some of them could sense what’s best and what’s fake.


When trying to make money from affiliate marketing it’s best you promote products that are of good quality.

Here are a few things I want you to keep in mind:

  • Think about whether you would genuinely buy the item yourself.
  • Consider if you like the brand and its products or not.
  • Make sure you test the product and know it’ll be perfect for what your audiences are looking for.

When you believe in a product, your audience can tell. 


Because your confidence and trust about the product will show in your reviews or writing about the product.

I recommend you go through the product yourself to test its quality before pushing it to people.

By the way…

 If you want my #1 recommended program to learn Step-By-Step how to build a 6-figure online business with affiliate marketing from scratch?

You can check out my Resource Page. This program offers a high ticket product, meaning no more small commission.

They have a team that does the high ticket selling for you. Also, they offer one-on-one coaches that work directly with you.

Let’s continue…

How Many Mistakes Are You Making?

Mistakes are something that can delay your progress in affiliate marketing.

One of the most common mistakes I often see a lot of people when trying to make money off affiliate marketing is that.


  • They have the passion and desire to make money from affiliate marketing but they’re not willing to put in the time and the necessary work that’ll get them there.

For some of them… 


  • Some of them spend their time designing their website to make it look beautiful or fancy, so that visitors to their site can see them as an expert. But the funny thing is that, after all that, they still don’t  focus on the actual things that’ll help them to grow their business.

For some of them to… 

  • They’re still procrastinating whether or not making money online is legit. 

And all these things delay their success.

What separates successful affiliates from unsuccessful affiliates is that.

Successful affiliate marketers spend most of their time working on the right thing.


Unsuccessful affiliates spend most of their time doing the wrong thing. 

That said…

Affiliate marketing is a business model, the amount of time you spend working on the right thing…

Will determine how long it will take YOU to start making income from it. 

Have another post where I share with you how to become a successful affiliate and what seperate successful affiliates from unsuccessful affiliates. You can check it out here.

How Much Time Are You Spending Building Your Business?

Building an online business with affiliate marketing can give you the freedom to do more of what you love.

You can work on your business at your own time, meaning you’re your own boss.


Yes, that’s all true.

But to be honest with you if you’re not willing to put in the time and effort into building your business. 

Well, sorry to say that you’re not going to enjoy those benefits. 

And it’s going to take you many years to see your desired result.

That said…

If you want to make money from your affiliate business fast.


You need to put more time into building your affiliate business.


Well, the thing is the more time you put into working on your business the sooner you will see results.

If you put in massive work today into your business… 

Guess what? 

It’ll allow you to make more money in your business for years to come.

I want us to take a look at this example.

If you take two people working on the same business and one spends 72 hours per week working on the business. 

And the other one spends only 18 hours a week working on the business.

Your guess…

It’s obvious that the one spending more time on the business will see success faster than the one spending less time.

So put in more time into building your business.

How does it take to make affiliate by Bright Kersh

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Here is a great definition I found online on affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Source.

My definition:

In short, affiliate marketing is when a business or company compensates or rewards you for sending someone to buy their product or services.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t have to create your own product, you promote products created by other people on your own blog or website.

And you get paid money when someone buys the product through your marketing.

This is termed as commission.

I have another post where I share with you in detail what affiliate marketing is and how it works. You can check it out here.

Can I Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

To put it simply – “yes you can. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money. But it is important you understand that it is not a quick or easy way of making money online”.

It takes hard work, commitment, and dedication to create success in affiliate marketing.

It’s tougher to make money with affiliate marketing these days but if you focus on creating valuable content that your audience will find useful…

… Test enough affiliate offers and get enough traffic to your offer and most importantly you learn how to convert traffic into buyers.

Nothing can stop you.

Here is what I want you to do.

Find out what other successful affiliates are doing and try to model them, I don’t mean copy exactly what they’re doing.

I mean model what they’re doing and try to add your own unique spin on it.

How Much Can I Make Doing Affiliate Marketing?

How much you can earn doing affiliate marketing is endless or there’s no specific income.

You can earn little or a lot of money doing affiliate marketing depending on the way you decide to promote or market your business.

So the answer can be different. 

That said…

Success in affiliate marketing depends on hard work, persistence, and perseverance.


You can’t assume that if you earn $500 or $1,000 per month once, meaning your profit will always be the same.


I know tons of affiliate marketers who are making anywhere between $10,000 to $38,000 a year.

This is the average affiliate marketing salary.


Top affiliate marketers are earning somewhere from $60,000 – $100,000 a year.

That said…

Affiliate marketing can filthy make you rich when done right.

If you’re doing affiliate marketing for fun, I recommend you get serious about your business, put in more effort to increase your income.

Start producing helpful content, work on SEO and focus on building an email list.

How To Start And Make Money From Affiliate Marketing 

When it comes to affiliate marketing a lot of people often think of it as a quick way of making money online and they end up missing steps.

Well, the thing is affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick kind of stuff. 

So, that means…

When entering into this field you need to have a long-term mindset and follow a proven step-by-step method before you can really find any success with it.


Below I lay out the step-by-step guide you can take to win in affiliate marketing in the long run.

Here Is The Guide To Affiliate Marketing Success:

Step #1. Pick A Niche

The first step to starting affiliate marketing is to decide on a niche (topic). A niche is simply a topic you’re going to be talking about.

It could also be something you want to learn about, something you are interested in or are passionate about.


It could be something that excites you and you want to share with the world.


When you’re thinking of picking your niche, I’ll recommend you pick evergreen niches.

What do I mean by evergreen niches?

Evergreen niches are simply a niche or topic that is in high demand in a particular marketplace and people never get tired of them.

Here are examples of evergreen niches:

  • Health – People will always want to be healthier.
  • Wealth – People around the globe will want to make more money. 
  • Relationship – In one way or the other people would want to improve their relationships.


If you have any idea or a product that you think can help better the lives of others in any of the above mentioned. 

Guess what?

You can build a profitable business around one of them and make a healthy income just by solving people’s problems.

Let me quickly share with you some of the benefits of evergreen niches:

  • They generate money year-after-year.
  • They do not need massive or aggressive marketing.
  • They represent a lower investment risk.
  • They offer the potential for long-term profits.

Step #2. Select A Product

Now, as you’ve decided on your niche, the next thing is to select a quality product that you believe in or have used before and it’s congruent with your niche. 

Why should I pick quality products over quantity?

It allows you to build Trust and relationships with your audience.


Promoting a quality product that solves a specific problem your audiences are having a challenge with, will make them happy. 

And overtime they’ll start to TRUST you as a reliable source.

And the next time you recommend a different offer to them, they’ll be more than happy to buy it… 


Simply because they know it’ll probably help them.


If you do the opposite by promoting a low-quality product, which adds no value to your customer’s life. 

You know what?

They will buy the product for the first time but later they’ll get to know that it’s not of good quality.

Guess what?

They won’t trust YOU and your recommendations again.

And when that happens they won’t purchase anything from you again in the future.

And that can really hurt you and your business.

That said…

If you ask for my advice, well, I’ll recommend before you start pushing (promoting) any product or services as an affiliate.

Take time to first do thorough research about the product and as you’re done doing the research.

I want you to take a further step to purchase the product and use it yourself. 

Why do I have to do that?

Well, by doing so, you’ll be able to know how the product actually works and how your customers are going to benefit from it.

And this will help you have confidence when recommending it to your audience.

Because you know how it’s going to impact their lives.


Try to find affiliate programs that pay a recurring commission income. This type of product pays you a commission month after month.

That means you’ll continue to make money month after month without having to do anything.

And this can turn your affiliate marketing into a passive income business

How can I find a recurring commission affiliate program?

There are tons of recurring commission programs out there, to find one just Google (your niche + recurring affiliate programs) and you will discover some very nice ones.

That said…

I have another post where I share with you some of my best recurring commission affiliate programs. You can check it out here.

Step #3. Define Your Target Audience

Now that you’ve picked your niche and your affiliate product. It’s time to define who your target audiences are. 

There are several ways you can attract an audience to your business.

But the thing is, not everyone is your ideal audience or customers.


I want us to quickly look at some of the best ways that you can attract relevant audiences to your product that may be interested or likely to purchase your offer.


To attract a targeted audience to your business there are some questions you need to go through to be able to attract the right kind of audience to you. 

  • What is your audience’s age?
  • Where do your audience most hangout online (social media, forum, search engine, etc?
  • Are your targeted audience males or females?
  • How much money does your audience make (rich or poor)?
  • What is their educational background?

These are just a few questions you need to ask to be clear on what kind of audience you want to attract to your business.

Step #4. Pick Your Traffic strategy: Paid Traffic VS. Free Traffic

Now, as you’re clear on who your target audiences are and where they mostly spend their time online.

The next thing is to choose your traffic source. 

There are different forms of traffic online but the main ones are paid traffic and free traffic. 

With paid traffic, you’ll be able to move your business forward faster.

But in order to be successful with paid marketing, it requires money and knowledge.

If you don’t have any good knowledge about paid traffic, chances are that you’ll likely lose money.


It’s important you have good knowledge about it before involving yourself into it.

That said…

It’s absolutely normal and okay to use free traffic such as, 

  • Social media (Pinterest, Facebook,Instagram, YouTube, etc)
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Forum marketing (eg. Quora, Reddit, etc)

But the only problem with free traffic is that it takes time and a little bit of work.

But it’s absolutely worth it. 

Once you’ve built it up, you can start to drive consistent traffic to your affiliate offer without paying a dime.

IMPORTANT: If you’re just starting out I’ll recommend you don’t use paid traffic. 

Start with free traffic and then if you’re making enough money from your free traffic.

Then you can use the profit to pay for paid traffic.


Well, taking this approach will lower your risk of losing money.

Step #5. Produce Quality Content

create content to become a successful with affiliate marketing and make a lot of money

This is where you serve and solve your audience’s problem. 

It is often said content is king, yes! but that’s halfway true, quality content is indeed king.

You want to focus on solving your audience’s problem rather than just trying to sell to them all the time.

You can’t run a successful affiliate marketing business without first doing the work.

And online that work is creating problem-solving content.

But unfortunately… 

A lot of people try to skip this step because they want to make instant money without doing anything. 

No sir/madam…. It doesn’t work that way.

You need to put people’s needs first, before thinking of money. 

Focus on creating helpful content that solves people’s problems and the money will honestly follow.

In the world of Zig Ziglar… “You will get all you want in life if you help enough people get what they want.

How can I create content for affiliate marketing?

There are several ways to create content for affiliate marketing. In my opinion, I think following proven steps may help in creating relevant content.

Here are quick steps to create content for affiliate marketing:

  • Do Keyword Research: First, you want to focus on finding out what people are actually looking for, need help with or answer to.
  • Research Articles: After doing your keyword research, you want to study different articles and try to create something unique and better than what is out there. You can study free articles on platforms like (Quora, Reddit, Medium) and try to add your own voice to it.
  • Produce Content – Focus on creating more helpful and relevant content on a consistent basis .

If you can put in the time, effort to create at least one or two helpful pieces of content each week. 

You’ll be setting yourself up for success in the long run.

Step #6. Build An Email List

I’m sure you’ve probably heard this before ‘The Money Is In The List’ right?. 

The money you want to make is in the list you build. 

If you’re sending visitors from your content to a raw affiliate link without capturing their email addresses.

Guess what?

You’re leaving money on the table.

Building an email list is extremely important if you want to build a long-term affiliate marketing business.

Having an email list allows you to actually own your audience, build  TRUST and relationships with them.

And be able to remarket or do a repeated sale with them over and over again.

Why? and How?

The thing is when people see your offer for the first time they’re not going to buy it simply because they don’t trust you.

But if you have them on your email list you have the chance to build TRUST with them.

Which overtime will lead to sales.

So how do I  build this TRUST with my list? Great question! 

You simply do this by providing valuable content for them while they are on your list.

And as you continue providing those values for them in the long run… 

They’ll begin to Know, Like and TRUST you and even start to see you as an expert in the industry.

And when that happens…

Guess what? 

They’ll be more likely to buy whatever you recommend or promote to them.

And also allow you to promote multiple different products to one person which means more money for you.


In order to run this successfully, you’re going to need a couple of software programs. (eg. Getresponse, Aweber, LeadPage, ConvertKit, etc).

But I recommend you roll with Getresponse. 


Getresponse offers all the features you need to run successful email marketing.

At the time of writing this, I still use Getresponse and my experience with them was great.

You can read my review of GetResponse here.

If you truly want to be a successful affiliate marketer you need to implement email marketing in your business.


I have another post where I share with you the importance of email marketing for affiliate marketers. You can check it out here.

Is It Really Hard To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner?

Well, to say, “it is not that hard to make money with affiliate marketing as a beginner. But you need to practice and understand how it actually works and you need to also master the technique of writing content that drives targeted traffic”.

The concept of affiliate marketing in theory is simple: you get paid for promoting other people’s products.


In practice, it takes real work and time. 

And the majority of people are not willing to put in the work long enough.

They do it for some time and when they’re not making any money from it in a few months they give up and say it’s hard or it doesn’t work.

Affiliate marketing is not an overnight success. Do not quit, keep working at it in the right way.

I want you to find out what other successful affiliates in your space are doing and learn from them.


So that you can avoid the mistakes they made initially. Taking this approach you’ll find success faster and easier.

How Fast Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

First of all affiliate marketing is not a quick way of making money online, but since you’re eager to make money from it fast.

One of the fastest ways through which you can get sales in affiliate marketing in a short time is to run paid advertisements. 

In affiliate marketing traffic is the main factor that will determine how quickly you’ll make money.

And paid marketing is the only method to get quick, unique, and good targeted traffic to your affiliate link…

Without the need to own a blog or website.

One of the best platforms where you can run paid advertisements is Facebook and Google Adword.

But these two are a bit costly.

But there are also some out there with a low budget and very cheap.

You can try these two:

I have another post where I share with you how to make money with affiliate marketing fast. Check it out.

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How Fast To Affiliate Marketing

My Final Thought On How Long To Affiliate Marketing!

Well, first of all, I have to be honest with you and say that it is not easy to earn in affiliate marketing.

The idea of affiliate marketing is easy to start but it’s not easy to make money with it.

It’ll be best if you take your time to learn the in and inch about affiliate marketing before attempting it.

It took me a solid 2 and half years to earn my first affiliate commission and that too came from running Facebook ads.

No doubt you can still earn money organically with running ads but it’ll take time.

If you want fast results, then, you need to run ads and for long-term results, you need patience and hard work, and consistency.


What I often see is that a lot of people lose hope when they don’t get any results.


Trust me your patience, skills, and consistency makes it a profitable business for you.

Don’t lose hope.


Is Affiliate Marketing The Best Way To Make Money Online? 

Yes, it is. Affiliate marketing is proven to be one of the best ways of making money online. However, the best possible way to start making money online with affiliate marketing is to build a personal brand.

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Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

No, affiliate marketing is not easy. Affiliate marketing is not easy as some so-called ‘gurus’ proclaim it to be, it takes hard work and effort to succeed at it. But it can be easy after you have done the work. 

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How can I promote affiliates without a website? 

It’s not necessary or a requirement to have your own personal website before you become an affiliate or even promote your affiliate links. 

There are many ways in which you can get traffic to your affiliate links without a website using the following:

  • Social Media
  • Forums
  • Email marketing
  • Commenting on blogs related to your niche

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